The Streetz of Philadelphia

Day 16: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

View Point: Malik

Music: Amerie, Touch ____________________________________________________

"I can't believe you been going to this school for about three years and never went into the actual city of Philadelphia?

"Shut up Malik, I never had to."

"Well, I'm glad I took this visit up here. We both need a break from school and the workload!"

Kel agreed. Malik was nervous. Today was the night... he told Kel his little secret.

They walked through the streets of Philly.  Lights lit up the night and people took over the streets. The Brooklyn Boys heard laughter and drunken fun as they headed to the nightclub. Skyscrapers reached up farther than the eye could see. The Brooklyn Boys got carded, and proceeded into the club.

Malik and Kel stood up by the wall and watch the pretty women dancing.

"This is what I'm talking about."

Malik was nervous, he rubbed his hands together.

"How many girls you tryna get?"

"Well, actually, I wanted to talk to you about that."

Kel waved his hand as he dismissed the conversation. A girl walked up to him and started to dance on him. Malik was uncomfortable . He watched Kel slap the girl's bottom.  Malik walked away. Malik decided to go to the bar.

He ordered, "Can I get straight Brandy." He took 3 shots and paid the bartender. 20 minutes later Kel walked over.

"Where you been?" Malik said. Kel ordered 3 shots of Brandy.

"I just popped a girl." Kel proudly said.

"You had sex?!" Malik responded.

"Yes, with that girl I was dancing with earlier! This was such a good idea! I needed to bust a nut! Ugh, that was great."

Malik turned away from Kel and rolled his eyes.

"Whats wrong with you?!" Kel said to Malik.

Another woman walked up on Kel started to dance on him.

"Hold on Malik, bout to wear this Philly girl out."

Kel took all three shots and started to dance with the girl. Malik walked away.

The End

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