Day 13:  Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

View Point: Dee

Music: Mya, Fallen              ____________________________________________

"Its been a while since we seen your cute Hispanic boy," said Cherry, a barista at Starbucks.

Dee rolled his eyes and continued to study.

"Cherry... I'm not even working today. Can you just let me study."  Dee muttered.

Cherry rolled her eyes. Dee continued to study. He started to write. Mikey, his best friend walked up to him.

"Demi!" Mikey said as he flopped on a chair by Dee.

Dee smiled, "Hey Mikey!"

"What's going on?"

"Just finishing up my paper, that is due today. Ugh, college life."

"Tell me about it."

Kel entered Starbucks. He walked by them and went over to his favorite chair. Dee looked up to the work station to see Cherry smiling at him. Dee rolled his eyes. Mikey laughed.

"Is that the guy, that the whole staff has been drooling over?"

"Yes, Mikey. Its irritating!"

"He is cute... but I'm not into Hispanics."

"I think he is cute... and he is really smart. He's got a lil thugness to him. Its kinda sexy. But he's straight, so let me stop."

"We gotta find you a boo!"

"Yes, this single life ain't cute anymore!"

Mikey and Dee laughed. Mikey responded, "You should get me a drink. Especially with that beautiful discount you have!"

"Fine, what do you want?!"

"Surprise me Demi!"

Dee rolled his eyes and got up. He got into line. Kel walked up behind him.

"Excuse me...?"

Dee turned and looked at Kel.


"Demetreus, right?"


"What did you make me last time? I'm not a fan of coffee but whatever you gave me was good.

Melissa and Cherry weren't paying attention to the customer that they were serving but were listening to Dee and Kel's conversation.

"Um, I think I made you a Signature Hot Chocolate... I figured since you don't like bitter, you may like rich and smooth."

"Yeah, it was great!"

"Then its on me!" Dee turned to Cherry, "Can I have a Grande Signature Hot Chocolate, 2 Grande Shaken Passion Tea Lemonades."

Kel was confused. Dee passed him his drink. "Enjoy" as he walked away.

The End

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