A Simple Thank You

Day 8: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

View Point: Dee

Music: Usher, How Do You Say



Dee just finished setting up as he was the opener for Starbucks. He realized that there was a man standing at the door, shivering from the cold outside. Even though he had an hour before Starbucks open, he decided to open the door.

"So sorry about that sir. But you know we open at 6am."

Kel stumbled in and responded, "Oh your good. I didn't think it was that cold outside. Oh and I didn't know that. I just need a quiet place to study."

"Well spring starts soon, it is March."


Dee lead Kel to stand underneath the heater and defrost. Dee ran over to his station and gave him a cup of hot chocolate.

"I know you don't drink coffee. But this on the house. The hot chocolate will warm you up. Even if you just hold it."

Kel took the cup and held it for its warmth.

Dee brought him a chair. "You can sit underneath this heater."

Kel sat there and warmed up. Dee returned to his work station and started his morning preparations.

About 10 minutes later, Kel moved the chair back and found a couch to sit on. He looked up to Dee and watched him work by himself. He opened his laptop and began to work.

About 20 minutes later, Dee walked up to Kel.

"Are you good?"

Kel smiled, "Yeah, thank you."

Kel took out a wallet, and gave him a ten dollar bill.

Dee smiled, "Oh, no your good."

"Take it..." Kel looked at his name plate, "Demetreus, take it. Its a thank you for helping me earlier."

Dee smiled and turned down the tip, "A simple thank you, is fine. If you need anything, don't hesitate."

Dee walked away from him.

Melissa clocked in and said, "Who was that cute guy in the corner?"

Dee smiled, "He is cute... but I didn't get a gaydar reading, so he's off my radar."

Melissa laughed, "Good save that one for me."

The End

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