Question... Answer

Day 3: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

View point: Malik White

Music: Usher, U Turn.


Malik: Hello?

Kel: Yo what's good, my nig?!

Malik: I'm good, how you been?

Kel: Eh! I just finished working with my stupid-ass partner. She's sexy but dumb.

Malik: (laughing) You always get stuck with the dumb ones.

Kel: Facts! But I needed to take a break from studying, so that's why I hit you up. Ya dig.

Malik: I just finished my assignment. Yo I'm thinking about pledging a fraternity. Whatcha think?

Kel: You in a frat?! (laughing)

Malik: I can do it!

Kel: I know you can do it! I just never saw you as a frat boy.

Malik: Well the Sigmas at my school be killing it everyday. I just want to be apart of their mission.

Kel: (laughing) Wait... Phi Beta Sigma... the blue and white doves?!

Malik: I like the doves! I rather be a dove than a monkey.

Kel: (laughing) Hold Up! I like the Alphas! And they are gorillas!

Malik: (mocking) oh I love my black and gold. Alphas are gay... Sigmas are the truth!

Kel: Did you just disrespect ---

Malik: Hold up Kel, somebody at my door.

Malik put his cell phone down and walked over to his dorm door. A man walked in. Malik smiled and slowly closed his door. He grabbed the guy by his hand and walked him over to the couch. Malik picked up the phone.

Malik: Yo my girl is here... can I call you later?

Kel: Damn, you get mad girls at that school. I'm about to come down to University of Virginia.

The guy hit Malik when he called him his girl.

Malik: Shut up boy. Well I'll hit you up later.

Kel: Aight... don't forget to wrap it up. Ya dig.

Malik: (laughing) I always do! (Hesitated) Question?

Kel: Answer...

Malik: (chuckling) We've been friends for a long time. You accept me right?

Kel: Yeah, is everything okay?!

Malik: Yeah, everything is fine... just wondering. I'll hit you up later.

Kel: Peace.

The End

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