One Step

Day 3:  Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

View Point: Kel

Music: Keyshia Cole- Trust

I looked up to see this bubbly and goofy black man walk over and give Kyla a drink. The drink looked like throw up. But whatever she likes... I guess...

Dee gave Kyla, her drink and said, "So sorry about that. I hope you like!" Dee turned to Kel and finished, "Hey, could I get you anything?"

I looked at him like he was crazy. I wished this dude would get out of my face. I turned to him and said, "Naw... I'm good."

Dee smiled and walked away.

I don't know why he was so cheerful but I am guess that's Starbucks employees for you!

I got back to work with Kyla. She was kinda pretty but I like a woman that can hold a decent conversation. Her voice was a little to squeaky but I would bang her. She is just all knowledge and beauty. That's all?!


We studied for about 2 straight hours. She took a couple of breaks and fed herself up on Starbucks. I'm not trying to do that. One thing that I love about my character, is that I am driven. I am the first person on my block, back up in Brooklyn to attend a college. I used to do my fair share of gang bangs... but I never got caught, and now I'm out of that life. I'm tryna get my bachelors degree in nursing and provide a good life for my family. Just found out my ex-girlfriend Alyssa was pregnant and I have a 14 month old son. I'm trying to just stand on my swim on my own and not drown...

I'm thinking about getting a side job while I attend school. I'm not sure though. I'm tryna take this one step at a time.

We finished studying and she left. I decided to stay longer and finish up this chapter. But before I start reading, I decided to call my best friend from middle school, Malik White.

The End

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