Code Gold

Day 3: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp:

Music: Christina Milian Am to Pm


He started to sing to the catchy lyrics of Christina Milian's "AM to PM". His co-workers were laughing as he danced to the beat and the words.

"You gotta pop it like thissssss!" Dee said as he danced throughout Starbucks.

"I'm loving the new playlist for the store!" Melissa giggled.

Dee laughed, "This is my ipod! Let me go put the music on, before we get a customer, and we get fired."

Dee turned off his ipod and played "Gotta Tell Everybody" by Christina Milian.

"This is such a slow song. But I love Christina Milian." Miller, the store manager said.

Melissa smiled, "Its 2:06 in the afternoon. Why is there not one person here?"

Dee laughed, "I don't know."

The bell on the door chimed as three customers walked in. 

"Too late..." Miller chuckled.

Melissa stood by coffee grinder and whispered, "Code Gold."

Dee turned to match eyes with a cute white guy.

"Hi, what can I get for you?" Dee said to the guy.

Melissa practically started to drool when she saw this guy. (Code Gold, was a code that the staff used at Starbucks when a cute guy was near.)

"White Mocha Frappucino with chocolate chips."

Dee wrote the order down on the cup and flashed his pearly white teeth as he passed it down to Melissa to complete the order.

The man paid, and Dee started working on the next customer.

Kyla said, "Can I have just one, raspberry and green tea frappuccino."

Dee wrote down her order and she paid. He looked over his register and didn't see raspberry syrup. 

"Oh, I see we don't have any raspberry. I will go get you some. I'll bring your drink over when its ready." Dee said to Kyla. Kyla thanked him and she walked over to her seat.

Dee walked in the back and a few minutes later walked over to Kyla and Kel studying and presented Kyla, her drink.

The End

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