Brooklyn Meetz Philly

Brooklyn Meetz Philly is The Brooklyn Boy 3.
Before the confusion, the pleasure, the decisions, the fights, the memories, the laughter, the pain, the passion, the experience and most importantly the fun, Kel had a regular life.
He was attending to college to obtain a degree, and he stumbled onto a person that would change his life, forever. This is the story of how Brooklyn met Philly and how the relationships of his friends, son, and family grows into the foundation is it today.

Day 1: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Viewpoint from Kel:

I walked into the Starbucks and looked around for my new classmate. I am stressed about this project and that this new classmate that I'm meeting today is incompetent. 

"Where is she?!" I thought. I looked around the coffee establishment and didn't see her around. So I walked over to a couch and dropped my book bag down. I flopped onto the couch and proceeded to open my books.

"Fine, I can do this on my own." I opened my syllabus and put my glasses on.

"I'm ready to get down to business. NUR 341 Introduction to Psychosocial and Spiritual Care..."

"Ugh!" I groaned. "I'm not looking forward to this."


A young lady walked up to him holding two cups of coffee and tried to get his attention.

"Excuse me?" She said. Her voice was squeaky but soft.

Kel looked up and smiled. "Your my partner?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry that I was late. Hopefully this cup of coffee will make up for it."

Kel chuckled, "Oh I don't drink coffee, sorry."

She smiled, "Oh, well then a simple apology will suffice. Sorry about that. But let's get down to work."

Kel moved his bag and she sat down next to him.

She read out loud, "Intro. to Psychosocial and Spiritual Care."

Kel smiled, "It's not that bad."

She laughed, "You must be smart!"

Kel chuckled, "Well, my sexiness can't get me everywhere, my intelligence is a good back up plan."

She smiled, "Well, it has gotten you this far. By the way, I'm Kyla. Let's get down to work!"

Kel chuckled, "Yeah, my friends call me Kel. Lets knock this out!"

Kyla and Kel started to study. 

The End

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