The Great Pretenderz.Mature

I looked over as Andi pulled up.

 "Yes, I mean something to you. And Mikhael Xzavion Johnson, you mean the world to me. But it still happened. You still cheated on me. You still lied to my face. Yes, you handled it but not well enough to keep me in your corner."

"Diggy, we've been through too much... I love you and that is not just a saying. You taught me what is it to have a spouse. You taught me to love myself passed the stereotype. You taught me to listen to my heart. Fucking stop wiggling, I am fucking crying out to you, right now!!!!"

"Let me go..."

He released the grip and I opened the trunk of Mikayla's car. I grabbed my suitcases.

He hit the ground as I mumbled, "Perdóname means to forgive me. You asked me to forgive you days ago. I understand that it was killing you. Because it would have eaten me up too."

"Do you forgive me or are you just gonna leave me here?"

Andi walked over to me and grabbed my suitcases. Kel looked at Andi as she remained quiet.

I walked over to his mom, "thank you for the welcome back party. And I'm sorry you had to witness this. I really do love your son and want the best. But I can't do this right now. I can't fathom being with him after this. I have to take a break."

His mother gave me a hug, "even though what he did was wrong, the lesson that he learned from it will impact your relationship for the better. He will be a change man and you are improving his well being."

"Thank you Mrs. Johnson."

I turned to Mikhael as he stood up.

He wiped his tears as I mumbled, "that's right, stand up."

"I'm not weak, Diggy. I'm hurt but I'm strong. I can handle this."

Malik and Rachel ran outside and stood on the porch.

"I know you can."

"Can you call me? Since you're leaving here."

"Mikhael, our relationship is done."

He cocked his head and puffed up his chest.

"Something always happens between us and we find each other again. I'm sorry that I wrecked our relationship, I hope you forgive me."

I looked at him and asked him, " I am so upset with you right now but I will always love you. I need some time without you."

"Okay, I'll leave you alone."

"Thank you, Xzavion."

He walked up to me as my tears drained my energy. He aggressively kissed me. I wanted to just fall apart in his arms but he cheated on me. He lied and bruised my soul.

We released and he stared at me.

I mumbled, "this hurts to leave like this. I do forgive you but I can't be with a man that I don't trust."

"I understand, Demetreus."

I walked away as tears form on my cheek. I pulled the car door's handle as his family poured out of the house.


Viewpoint from Kel:

I watched Diggy opened the car door and I was legit crying. I did my best to prevent this and now he wants nothing to do with me. I hear my drunken uncle coming down the stairs. And I reverted to my old ways but I couldn't let anyone else see me like this.

I faced Andi's car as tears rolled down my face.


His facial expression jumped with surprise as I started to play the part again. I know it's wrong and he knows what I'm doing.

I heard my mother gasp, "no Kel, don't do that."


He started to cry as Andi's car remained still. He rolled down the window.


I started walking up to the car because my reputation was now on the line with my family. I had to hit him in his face.

He looked at me and said, "You had everything with me and now your ba to pretending that you don't  love me... I will never talk to you again if you hit me."

I balled up my fist and said quietly as Malik stopped my uncle. "You will talk to me again, because you understand why I have too..."

 I thrust my hand and my mom stopped me.

She commanded, "stop pretending. I won't let you hit him."

I said,  "I'm only doing it cause my family is watching."

Diggy smiled, "if this is what I'm destined for, to always be in hiding with my spouse, I don't want it. Thank you Mama Johnson and goodbye Mikhael."

"I'm in hiding with my family, but I wasn't in hiding this whole trip. That counts for something, right."

Andi started to drive off and I hugged my mom. 

The End

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