"Demetreus... Demetreus... please wait!! He grabbed my arm. I snatched it away. He grabbed my body and pulled me back. 

"Get off of me." I yelled.

"Baby, baby, baby, b-b-b-baby!" He yelled back.

He pinned me against the car. I started to cry as I pulled on the driver's door handle. Mikayla came to the front door and unlocked the car with her remote. 

He said, "don't leave me... I know! I know!! Please don't leave me."

"Mikhael... why didn't you tell me? I knew something was up."

He pinned me tighter and I stared to calm down.

"Baby, I did go over there cause I felt like you were micro managing my every move."

I have never seen him cry like this. I knew this meant a lot to him. I saw his vulnerability. 

"And?" I whispered.

"I wanted to smoke and I honestly didn't think anything of it until it was too late."

"Is that why you turned off your phone."

"Diggy, my phone died."

"Don't call me that. When you loved me, you called me that."

"Baby... I do love you."

"But you don't. You fucked Dewayne while you were seeing me."

I tried to wiggle out of his grasp. My anxiety started to rise. 


"Oh my goodness... was it unprotected?" I gasped.

"I don't remember... but I got tested?"

"You got tested in Atlanta?"

"I'm sorry, Demetreus..."

My feelings were really hurt and he saw that. His mom walked up beside us. As I started to cry. He leaned his head in my chest and sobbed.

Mrs. Johnson stepped in, "you guys clearly love each other. Even though this is painful, don't end this."

I looked at his mother, "did you know about this, Mama Johnson."

She reverted, "I'm not getting in this."

I turned to Kel, "does your mom know about this?"


"Who knows about this?"

"Malik and Rachel. This is it."

" Did you get tested at the Red Institute?"

"No... I went somewhere else."

I took a deep breath. He kiss the back of my neck.

"Stop it Mikhael."

"Baby... please calm down. Do you think I'm okay?"

"What do you mean?"

"Diggy, this was really killing me inside. I fucking love you."


He interrupted me as his grip became tighter. "I don't treat no bitch like I treat you. This shit was really fucking up my conscious and my body. I didn't fucking kiss you because that's dirty and I care about you."

I heard every word and I heard his sincerity.

 Through his tears, he mumbled through my shirt. "I was protecting you. I couldn't believe it happened in the first place but why pretend like it didn't happen and then touch you. I did the responsible thing and got test so IF he had anything I wouldn't spread it to you. I fucking care about you. I want to marry you some day. You think you don't mean shit to me?"

The End

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