Beat a B¡t¿h with a BatMature

"Malik, get the fuck out of my way."

"I need you to calm down." He put his hands up.

"He has been lying to me this entire time. He broke my only fucking rule. NOW, MOVE Malik!"

"I'm standing here because I don't..."

"You don't want what? Me to expose Kel's secret to his family? Then get out of my way cause the more angry a Taurus gets, the more stubborn I become. Move!"

He stepped out of my way and I left the room. I paced the hallway texting Andi my current address. I called her.

Andi said, "Hello?"

I responded, "Code beat a bitch with a bat."

"You sound upset? What happened?!?"

"I just got confirmation that Kel did cheat on me during the trip to Atlanta. Can you send me a taxi or come get me before I torch this house?"

"Take a deep breath and I'll be there soon."

I walked down stairs and went into the kitchen. I poured a glass of red liquor and went looking for Mikhael.

I stepped outside and located Kel sitting next to his mother.

"Am I interrupting?"

His mom smiled, "no Diggy, but I wanted to talk to you both about something."

I interrupted, "Mrs. Johnson, if I may, can I ask my question first."

Kel looked at me and his facial expression became concerned, "babe, are you okay?"

"Mikhael Johnson, did you cheat on me this trip?"


"Don't even fucking pretend. Speak the fuck up?"


I threw the glass of liquor on him. He started coughing as his mom's mouth dropped.

I finished, "you went over to Byron's party and slept with Dewayne and kissed Byron. So when Big Cal kissed me that gave your conscious a break from blaming yourself. This is why you also wouldn't kiss me for days. This is why we didn't have sexual intercourse through this trip."

He tried to interrupt me but I kept yelling over him.

"You are a liar and I fucking hate you. You don't have to confess that you lied to me and cheated on me. You don't have to fucking confess that you won't be a man and live up to your mistakes and you won't confess how you broke my heart."

His eyes started to water as he fanned his shirt. 

"I can't believe you cheat on me? You lied about cheating on me on numerous occasions."

He looked at his mom with fear, "I...ah..."

"What did he have that I didn't? Why Dewayne?"

"It was killing me... I knew you would never forgive me..."

"You got that the fuck right."

"Demetreus... please..."

I started to cry, "why you? You made me feel horrible. You made me doubt my abilities."

"You would have never forgive me. I did it by accident."

"You did not!! You entertained Dewayne from the first time you met his fat ass. You liked the attention and it destroyed us. You allowed Byron to destroy this relationship! I was trying to protect it."


"I don't want to hear it. We are fucking done."

His mom tried to interject, "guys... please calm down."

Kel whispered, "If I would have told you, you would have been okay with it?"

"I DON'T KNOW. I HATE CHEATERS... WHY CHEAT? What did I do to you to cheat on me. You won't have to ever worry about me ever again in your life."

I walked up and slapped him across his lips. 

"I'm sorry Mrs. Johnson."

I walked over to Mikayla's car and Kel chased after me.

The End

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