Black Love.Mature


Viewpoint from Demetreus:

I laughed out loud as Kel's uncle slapped the card down.

"Spades is a man's game! If you're gonna try to cheat then you can get outta ma house!!"

My Perogative by Bobby Brown blasted throughout the house. 

Kel's other sister, Mikhelle chuckled, "this is my house!! And I'm not cheating! But if you look like you're about to renig then I'ma call you out on it."

I walked into the kitchen where Rachel and Malik were talking.

I smiled, "Malik, can I have some of the BLUE juice?"

He chuckled, "of course you can, fraternal brother."

Rachel hugged me, "we missed you both."

I smiled, "trust me, it was rough. But it's so good to be back. We missed you more!"

I missed being here with everyone. Malik gave me a cup of liquor that was red. 

"Um, what the hell is this?"

"Not blue juice. I gotta get some more."

"Is this a jungle juice?"

"I think it's only mixed with light liquors."

He slammed the refrigerator door open, not realizing that I was standing close to it. The drink went all over my white polo.

"Diggy, I'm so sorry!" Malik yelled. 

Rachel grabbed a towel and dabbed me down. 

"What size are you? I have a white polo you can wear upstairs in my suitcase."

I shot him the ugliest stare, "yes please."

I walked upstairs with him and went into Mikayla's bathroom.

I whispered, "are you sure we are allowed in her room?"

Malik chuckled, "yes bitch."

I chuckled, "oh shit, I forgot you're gay too. Whoooo, it's hard being straight around all that family."

"Hahaha! Yes it is."

I removed my shirt as Malik started talking.

I chimed in as he started to ramble on. He told me about his life and the guys that he was dating. He changed the subject to the focus on Mikhael and I. He gave me a royal blue polo shirt.

Malik laughed, "can you put it on before Kel walks in here and think we doing something?"

"Exactly." I mumbled. 

"Diggy, I really admire your relationship with Mikhael. Like you are changing my best friend for the better. Thank you."

"Honestly Malik, I think we are good for each other. He compliments me.

"I love that! Black men love! Y'all been through the fire and all during this Atlanta trip."

"Yeah... we have. But it made us stronger. Mikhael under the gay influence is a different person."

"Yes it did. I have to take a lesson from you cause if my nigga would have cheated on me, I would have beat his ass."

"Cheated?" I squinted.

"Yeah, I loved how y'all overcamed that shit. Y'all broke up and then found true love."

I sat on the bed and chuckled to myself. Malik reapplied some deodrant. 

"Malik, who cheated first?"

"Didn't yall both cheat on each other?"

I started to become upset as I played dumb, "haha, yeah. But we overcame that. Who cheated first?"

"Hmm, let me think. Kel fucked Dewayne at that party and then you kissed a boy at the basketball courts."

"Kel fucked Dewayne at that crazy party, right? The party where he got high and drunk, right?"

"Yeah, stop acting like this is new news to you. He told me after the argument, yall was cool."

"Um... yeah... ummmm, um no. No, he didn't ." I chuckled

"Wait... what?"

"Where is he?"

"Wait... I'm confused?" Malik's mouth dropped as he became embarrassed.

"Mikhael cheated on me and let me think I was the problem this whole fucking trip? He fucking accused me of cheating on him and he was the one fucking a man behind my back. I asked him to tell me to my face if he cheated and he fucking lied to my face."

I went zero to one hundred in emotion as Malik stood by the door.

"I need you to calm down. I'm drunk right now. I lied."

"But you didn't Malik. You aren't lying right now. This makes perfect sense. I didn't want to believe it, but I knew something was the fuck up. Get out of my way before I blow this house up."

The End

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