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30 minutes later:

We sat outside the bus terminal waiting for Mikhael's sister to come pick us up. He held my hand as we sat there in silence. I was thinking about everything as exhaustion took a toll my body. 

I texted my cousin, Keke reminding her that we arrived to Philadelphia safely.

A dark skinned black man walked by us and Kel instantly released my grip.

"Yo, yo, yo!" He said as Kel jumped up.

Kel smiled with happiness as he greeted this person.

"Yo Kendrick! How you been, fam?"

"My ninja, it's been sooooooo long! Um, I-I-I haven't seen you since you found out Alyssa was pregnant."

"Yep, damn, it has been a long ass time. We had a boy. We named him Jaiden. He's 5 years old right now. Well five and a half if you ask him."

"Damn dude, it's been too long? How are you and Alyssa?"

"Oh, we are just friends. She is dating Poogie now."

"What? Lil' Poogie got game to snag Alyssa. That cat is growing up."

"Yes, he is."

"So who are you with? Cause your ho ass could never stay single."

I stood up as Kel looked back at me. 

He responded, "I'm single, right now."

My mouth dropped and I sat back down.

Kendrick chuckled, "you are single? I don't believe it."

I spoke out loud with a monotone: "surprisingly, I don't either."

Mikayla, Mikhael's sister pulled up and I picked up my bags. She got out of her silver mazda and gave me a hug. That's What You Are played by Ameriie.

Kel finished up with Kendrick as I walked up to him and snatched his bag from his fingertips.

I loaded his suitcases in her car and said to him, "You're single?"

"Deme, we are back to our area."


"Diggy... I'm sorry. It's been a while since I ran into ole Kendrick."

"Oh so you're back to straight Mikhael with a down low boyfriend?"

"Dig, chill."

I bit my lip and got into the backseat. Kel hugged his sister and sat next to me. We traveled 40 minutes as the entire Amerie album played. 

He settled my anxiety as he reminded me that he wanted to practice being open in Atlanta. He asked me to be patience with his development and being open with his friends. 


We pulled up to Mikayla's house.

Kel turned to me, "so my mom is with Jaiden in Brooklyn. Tonight, we will stay with Mikayla and then you are going to visit your family tomorrow, right?"

Mikayla went into the house.

I stared at his jawline.


I interrupted him, "I love you."

He smiled and looked down. "Diggy..."

I looked up to him, "you are so..."

He walked up to me and palmed my face. 

"You are my soul mate and I love you too."

We took a moment and kissed. I felt his nose exhale as he took a bite of me. We kissed for the next four minutes outside of her house.

Kel smiled, "come on, let's finish this inside."

I skipped to the front door and stepped inside.

They turned on the lights and his family jumped out. It was a welcome back party.

The End

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