Promise Ring.Mature

June 28, 2012


Viewpoint from Demetreus:

I took a deep breath and could smell the peanut britter from the person behind me. Besides the rhythmic crunches of the britter, the airplane was very peaceful. I rubbed my shoulders as I looked outside the window. I could trace the vivid and glowing sunrays off the slated clouds.

Happiness splashed on my face as I look down to see the distinctive and gleaming city of brotherly love.

The last three weeks have been stringent and draining. I had the opportunity to activated my schooling in a professional setting at the Red Institute. I had a opportunity to create substance in a person's life. 

The skyline of Philadelphia was captivating. I dug my fingertips into the muscle tension in my back, and quickly thought about the pain of Atlanta. It was traumatic to observe Mikhael with other men and how our relationship truly rocked back and forth.

I did decide that I will ask him out when we land in our home territory. I want to give him a promise ring. It will represent our bond and the harsh experiences that made our relationship stronger in Atlanta.

I turned to my right as Kel was fast asleep next to me. We held hands the entire flight. I saw his phone light up as Malik was texting him.

I picked up his phone and on the second attempt, I unlocked it. I skimmed his last three message: Alyssa, Jaiden's mother, his mom and Malik.

Malik (3:52pm) Yo! That was a crazy trip?! You and Diggy escaped all of that? And now you really thinking about marriage? How long have ya dated for?

My eyes got wide as I skimmed messages prior.  Kel started to wake up, so I locked his phone and placed it in his lap.

I was ecstatic as I cheerfully stared out of the window. I just wanted to desperately forget the relationship aspect of this trip. I took a deep breath as I knew we were on the same page.

Yesterday, he cleared his conscious with everything that was bothering him; how he told Dewayne that he loved him to make me jealous. 

The landing of the plane woke Kel up. 

"Hey babe..." He whispered in his raspy voice.

"Hey baby." I smiled.

I caressed his face as my blissful mood poured into his. The pilot's voice started to direct the passangers into the proper direction as we just landed.

He smiled as I continued.

"You're in a good mood."

"I'm happy to be back in Philly, with you."

"Does that mean you like me again?"

"I will always like you."

"So what am I telling my folks about us?"

People around us started to collect their belonging and I put my head down.

He wiped his face, "we are taking it slow."

"Yes, but I'm fine with still being your boyfriend!"

"You're fucking lying!?!"

I subtly dipped my head.

He popped his seatbelt off and jump on top of me.

We passionately kissed as people around us started to file out of the plane.

The End

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