Fresh Slate. (The Foundry.)Mature

Viewpoint from Kel:

Diggy looked down again and he was the definition of vulnerable. I interlocked our hands and massaged his palm with my thumb. His giggle broke the moment.

I wiped his tears, "Diggy, after I get back from Brooklyn, I'm coming back to you."

He was still reluctant. 

I need to tell him I cheated on him. I need to come clean. I can't be afraid anymore. 


"Yes, Kel?"

"I have something to tell you..."

Diggy stood up and wiped himself off. He grabbed my hand and helped me off the ground.

He smiled, "can we walk and talk."

We started walking in the rain eating our ice cream cones. Our hands sway through the wind.

I exploded, "I don't want to give up on us."

He whispered back, "Kel, I love you."

"What did you say to me?"

"I love you."

I choked up a little bit. He is what I want in a relationship. He makes me feel good. Maybe keeping this secret is what I should do. 

I grabbed him and picked him up.

"Demetreus, I love you too."

"Can we just drop the charade and this slight awkwardness? I'm like over it. I'm not the jealous type and I used to be comfortable in our relationship to not have to worry. You have more bodies underneath your belt now and I have some too..."

I interrupted, "you have bodies beside me and Nicky?"

He chuckled, "not the point."

My face crinkled up, "mmmmhhhhhmmm."

He finished, "the hurt that I put on you is done with?" 

I smiled, "yes babe. I'm over it. Fresh slate."

He got closer to me while our hands swayed. 

"I forgive you for everything."

"For everything?"

"Yes, I want a fresh slate."

"Even for the things I didn't tell you..."

"Like what?"


"Clear your conscious..."


He became focused and still. He released my grip. 

The End

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