Tree Luv.Mature

He took me to Centennial Olympic Park. 

The trees were decorated with lights of royal blues, lavenders and shades of grey. A small summer festival was being held in the center of the park.

The humidity was unbearable but that didn't stop us from walking all over the place.

This was the first moment that we could focus on each other on this three weekish vacation. Tomorrow, we return to our normal lives and will pick up from where we left off.

I enjoyed being with him and needed the reminder that I do love him. I can't believe we made it through all the craziness.

He smiled as he walked up to me with two ice cream cones.

"Here you are baby, your favorite: cookies and cream with caramel drizzle."

I laughed, "thank you Kel. What did you get?" I wiped the sweat from my neck.

"I got strawberry with chocolate drizzle."

We walked against each other in silence. The sound of our tongues enjoying the frozen treat took over the moment.

I looked around to see only couples surrounding us. I turned to left to surprising find Nicky from Club Pynk. Nicky and his girlfriend were snugged up underneath a tree. I subtly waved hello as Kel search for a tree to sit under.

I felt a rain drop hit my cheek. 

"It's about to rain."

"Fuck, I didn't bring a umbrella."

"I got this." I stood up and ran over to a tent.

I came back as it started to mist. I sat next to him and he put his phone away.

"Who was that on the phone?" I questioned.

He put his hand around my shoulder. 

"Oh... that was Malik."

"Ah, what did he want?"

"He wanted to chill with me, especially before I start working again. My mom took Jaiden up to Brooklyn."

"Oh, so you're going back to Brooklyn?" I questioned.

"U-u-ummm yes. Yeah, well um kinda."


He hesitated and then tried to collect his thoughts. "I want to be with you."

"I'm not asking you to choose."

"I need to see my son. I need to give my mom a hug." He nervously chuckled.

"Why do you need a hug?"

"Cause I wasn't ready for this trip and it broke me."

I looked down, "it-it-it b-broke you??"

"Yes, it did and I need my mother."

A few moments of silence separated our dialogue. I tried to process my thoughts.

He lifted my chin, "it isn't your fault."

I felt a tear form heavy on the left eyelid.

My voice became hoarse, "it.. is."

He shook his head, "I didn't give you the chance to protect me. I allowed Atlanta to break me."

"I never..."

He locked my hands with his.

"You will never..."

I looked down.

"But it happened."

"It won't happen again, though."

The End

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