The Biggest B¡t¿hMature

"Dewayne?" I firmly yelled.

He turned to me as he took a sip of his coffee.

I said, "nice, you're drinking a valencia orange refresher with blackberry. One of my favorite drinks from Starbucks."

"Oh that's right. Kel told me you're a Starbucks junkie." He sarcastic smirked.

"Actually my title is a Certified Coffee Master." I replied as I sensed an attitude from him.

"Diggy, can we stop the charade that you like me? You could care less about me."

I felt relieved, "whoo thank goodness. I thought I was going to have to be passive aggressive."

He chuckled and sarcastically replied, "so what can I REALLY help you with? Cause you aren't the one for small talk."

"I wanted to finish the conversation from before. Do you remember? The convo when were standing on Keke's stoop?"

He knodded in agreement.

I continued, "So when did you and Kel get together?"

"Well first when I met him, I didn't know he had a boyfriend. And even though I did pursue him, I didn't get together with him until after y'all broke up."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you were a home wrecker."

"Bitch, you funny."

I chuckled as he continued, "I'm pretty sure he preferred this venti size coffee over you."

I cocked my head, "he spit that coffee out when he realized a better quality espresso shot was in his grasp."

"But he came back for more."

"Hmph, I guess we have a lot in common, your boyfriend Byron has had a sip of my coffee too. Maybe you should focus on your own before you continue this conversation."

"Woah... he wouldn't dare." 

"Yep, he enjoyed kissing these lips. I mean I didn't have a choice, but sometimes you gotta steal what you can never have."

"I don't believe you."

I smiled, "have a good night Atlanta. Nice meeting you."

I turned and felt like the biggest bitch for fucking up his head right now. I walked away from him. I looked over to Big Cal. Kel walked out of Keke's door and watched me walked over to Big Cal's car.

"It was very nice talking to you all. I'll promise I will keep in touch."

Big Cal smiled, "it was nice getting to know you. Call me when you get back to Philly."

Big Cal opened his arms as Kel stared at me from across the street. He hugged me tightly. 

I felt small bones relief pressure and he released his grip. I turned and confidently walked away.

"Hey Kel."

"You were saying your goodbyes?"

"Yeah." I changed the subject. "What are you doing up?"

"Keke said we could use her car. I asked her if I can take you somewhere. That is the one thing this trip was missing."


"Me and you time. So our last night in Atlanta, I want it to be about us."

"Hmmm... um okay."

"Okay, go get dressed. 

The End

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