Viewpoint from Diggy


My Need by Janet Jackson played as I woke up in Kel's arms. I removed the sheets and went into the bathroom. I took a shower and got dressed. I packed all my clothes and souvenirs. I took both sets of suitcases downstairs by the door. 

I sat outside and called my best friends on a three way call. 

"Andi? Latoya?"

They both responded with happiness and eageriness. It was good to hear familiar voices in a time where I have to challenge my voice. I set up a time that we can all hang out when I can return to Philadelphia.

I told them about all the suspicious activities that have surrounded my situation-ship with Mikhael. My friends have always been honest with me, and tried their best to direct me in the right direction. One told me to believe in the trust of our relationship and the other told me to separate myself because Mikhael is confused again.

I love them but they didn't help me like I wanted them to. 

I took a few minutes to appreciate the wind resting against my face. The light smell of lavender and some sort of common flower.

The sound of a door closing startled me. Big Cal came out with his mother and family members. He laughed out loud and then looked down at me. 

The moment was bittersweet.

His cousins walked outside with plates of food. It was nice to see a friendlier and kinder side of Big Cal. 

He opened the car door for his mother. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Keke pulled up and began to parallel park.

"Excuse me..." She said as I looked up. "Good job on the baked chicken. I see you taught my son a few things."

I chuckled, "you have a talented son, and I was his apprentice."

"Really?!" She mumbled a few sentences to Big Cal and then summoned me to her burnt burgundy colored Toyota. 

I stood up and walked swiftly to her vehicle. Big Cal smirked as I stood next to him. He licked his lips as I tried to exclude confidence and gentleness. 


"Where are you from? Cause you don't dress like you're from Atlanta."

I was wearing grey denim with sky blue/grey Adidas and a pink Ralph Lauren Polo shirt with a grey emblem.

His cousin Zykeeyah and her boyfriend Alex circled around me. I felt like I was on display as both well dressed people looked me up and down.

"I'm visiting from Philadelphia." I accepted the challenge.

Ashley, who they nicknamed Boogie smiled, "Boo, you are cute. You just have a different style."

"Thank you."

"Ooh, up north. Well I haven't seen my son cook with anyone else then bald-headed Andrew." His mother responded.

Big Cal interjected, "chill ma!"

Zykeeyah shined her pearly white teeth, "hush Big Cal, you know she is being honest."

I blushed as Big Cal's mom continued, "It is a compliment. I hope you don't forget about him and I hope he has your number." She turned to Big Cal, "get his number."

Big Cal rolled his eyes. My eyes lit up as she put me on the spot. I started to nervously chuckled. 

I turned to Big Cal, "do you really want my number? Are you really going to call me?"

He smirked, "You know my style. Do I ever front?"

"You're frontin' on me right now. Your mom is your wing man." I giggled as my eyes watched Keke walk across the street.

She laughed as he snuck behind my ear. He whispered in a deeper voice, "you did enjoy yo self a few hours ago, didn't you? So of course, I...want...your number."

He gave me chills as his bass echoed my ear drum.

I met eyes with Big Cal's mom. Dewayne stumbled outside. I grabbed Big Cal's phone and started typing in my number. 

Big Cal smiled and thanked me. 

"Will you be here for a while?"

Big Cal agreed. I politely excused myself and walked towards Dewayne.

The End

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