A Dad's Expectationz.Mature


I woke up to my cell phone ringing. I leaned forward and realized I was still naked in the bathtub. My body ached as I sat up. 

I stumbled to my feet and rubbed my arms.

I looked in the mirror across the tub and found my body red and dried tear streams down my face.

I washed my face and opened the door.

"Yo, I gotta get a grip." I whispered to myself.

I grabbed my phone and realized I missed a few phone calls. I slid on green-striped boxers and a sleeveless shirt.

I called my son Jaiden back first. 

"Hello Jai." I mumbled through the phone.

"Hey daddy." 

I spoke to my son for another twenty minutes and the excitement from his voice rejuvenate me.

My dad took the phone next and could instantly tell that I was upset.

I had a great relationship with my dad until he found out that I was practicing the homosexual lifestyle. Ever since, he has viewed me as timorous and frail.

"What's wrong withchu?" My dad replied. "You better not come back here, weak ass fuck."

"Chill pops, I'm not weak... just tired."

"Don't fucking lie to me, Mikhael. What is wrong?"

"I'm not gay anymore. I'm done with it." I lied. 

"So this trip helped you see the real shit."

"Yes pops. Can I talk to mom?"

"Yea, let me get her. Son, I am proud that you passed that phase. I don't mean to come down on you. I just love you."

I smiled as my dad sounded sincere, "thanks pops."

I put on my socks as she took the phone.

"Baby... whats wrong? You gave up on Diggy? And don't worry, your father is in the other room. Don't let him bother you."

I exhaled.

"Mom, I'm so confused. I keep doing stupid stuff. I'm trying to keep this secret from Diggy and its splitting my soul apart. I never been like this with any other person; not even Jaiden's mom Alyssa and I was with her for four years."

My mom was silent.

The End

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