Viewpoint from Mikhael "Kel":


I unlocked Keke's door with my suitcases in my hand. I immediately went up to my room and knocked on the door.

"Diggy?" I crept into the bedroom.

I looked around and didn't see anyone. I quickly removed my clothing and got into the shower.

I started to scrub my body. 

For a few minutes, all I could hear were the sounds of my lofa scrapping against my flesh. 

I looked down to see the grey water rinse off me. I had to scrub off Byron's fingerprints and Dewayne's juices. 

I put my hands against the tile as I commanded the hot water to drain the sin off my body. 

"It was strictly business..." I repeated to cope with losing part of my soul. 

I felt dirty and used. My lips felt tender and sensitive. 

I took my dove soap bar and rubbed it all over, repeatedly. I looked down at my private parts and relived Byron and Dewayne both giving me head. 

I let the water run throughout my body.


"It was strictly business."

The water striked my tender skin with beads of hard hot water. I felt every fingerprint engraved in my flesh. I washed every kiss and touch from my skin.

I repeated, "strictly business... it was the only way to protect myself... protect Diggy. Protect my family."


I grabbed the lofa and scrubbed my body again until it was completely red. 

I closed my eyes and directly let the water hit me in my face. I felt every droplet smack my face. 



I put my head down and I felt my eyes watering.


I was experiencing intense emotional pain rush to the forefront. I was losing control and my body was becoming overheated. My thoughts started to spin.



I tasted the black Hennessy as I realized I was becoming light headed. I felt dizzy and started to lose my balance. 

The steam was so thick as I struggled to turn off the shower. 

I felt a cold tear drop from my right eye. 

I slipped in the bathtub and my knee hit the bottom.

The water was beating down on my body and I grabbed the knob. I turned off the hot water and the cold water poured heavily. 

The temperature instantly made my body jolt.

 I turned off the water and laid there. Silence.

The End

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