Another BodyMature

Viewpoint from Demetreus "Diggy":


Big Cal laughed out loud, "shawty, you are funny as fuck. But cooking with Cook Cal got your mind off of the foolishness of Brooklyn."

I chuckled as I cleaned up the pot of cube carrots off the floor. 

He started to shuck more corn. I grabbed some paper towels and dried the floor.

He smiled, "well don't worry about the carrots. I hate that freezer burn shit anyway. I like my vegetables fresh and off the produce cart."

He turned and removed the bake chicken from the stove. He finished, "now you know black people love some chicken. But fried chicken all the goddamn time is too much. So we bake."

I smiled, "why did you make so much?"

"My family will have some. My moms is coming over with my cousins later on. We can have some now though."

I glanced out the window and saw a misty rain shower down. I opened the window.

I removed the aluminium foil and the honey and lemon glazed smelled incredible.

"Taste it."

I took a fork and ripped a piece of the skin. I took a bite and even though it was hot. It was delicious. I got so excited. 

I yelled, "I have never cooked something like this. And it's soooooo good!!"

"Yess Dig!! Can I have the first bite of our creation?"

"Technically, I had the first bite."

He leaned in and kissed me. I felt the honey glazed against his tongue. His lips and hands were touching me. Overpowering my thoughts and feelings.

I pulled away from him.

"Big Cal!"

"Come on, you know you want this."

I took a deep breath and finished chewing my food. I thought about Kel and his five bodies and decided to add another body to my list. 

Big Cal continued to talk as I walked up to him.

"I DO want this." I kissed him back. 

The End

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