Strictly Businezz.Mature

Viewpoint from Mikhael "Kel":


Byron looked around as I finished my train of thought. He sat at the top of the concrete stairs staring down at both Dewayne and I.

Byron muttered, "I feel like your boyfriend is watching us from the window. I can feel his laser eyes penetrating my insides."

Dewayne chuckled, "he does look like the crazy type."

I replied, "he's only a little nutty within reason. He has threaten me with a titanium baseball bat once he thought I was cheating."

Byron laughed, "OH FUCK!!"

Dewayne smirked, "and you stayed with him?"

I answered, "I did. But as of right now, we aren't together."

Byron opened his condominium door, "does that mean you will take me up on my offer?"

Dewayne ran up the steps and Byron waited for me to proceed.

We walked in and went into his living room. I rolled my eyes as Dewayne passed me a glass of black Hennessy. 

Byron repeated himself, "so, whats the answer?"

"I came over here for my belongings and not to get some ass."

Dewayne touched my knee, "don't you wanna smash this before you leave tomorrow? Not even ass, just head."

I looked at Byron, "Cut the shit. Be straight!" I stood up. " Is this the payment you keep fucking hinting at? For the week and some change you let me stay here?"

Byron grinned, "fuck yeah. So drink up, and we will have some fun. Serious, stop worrying, I'll just watch."

I sat down and I drank all that was in the glass. He passed me another glass of black Hennessy. Byron put all my suitcases at the kitchen door.

"I'll match you. Just three glasses with make you relax."

I didn't like this idea but I knew this was going to happen. I had to take Diggy out of my head so that I could focus. This is strictly business. 

I took another glass of black Hennessy with the duo. I felt the smooth dark liquor warm up my body. 

Byron confirmed as Dewayne unbuckled my jeans, "this is also payment for not talking to Diggy about you cheating on him and ruining your lives. Cause that would break him."

I took a deep breath and I felt his tongue on my shaft. I quivered as I was trying to erase Diggy from my mind. This is strictly business.

The End

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