Eighty Five Percent.Mature

June 27, 2012. 


Chrisette Michele's Charades played as I watched Kel talking outside with Byron and Dewayne. 

Keke walked up behind me and I jumped.

"I didn't mean to scare you."

"No, its fine. I gotta stop staring at them. Kel isn't my man anymore and I need to believe that."

"Is that five bodies bothering you?"

"Hell yes. I had one body. And that one body was by accident! It wasn't EVEN planned! AND PLUS... that's after I saw Kel hugged up on Dewayne at Ray's birthday party."

Keke sighed, "boy, he lived." 

"Yes, I understand that. It still bothers me though." I whined.

Keke hugged me, "try your best to let it go."

My eyes got wide as I watched Kel walk into the house with them. 

Keke whispered, "Deme, let it go. You are not with him anymore and that was your decision!"

I followed her outside as she sat in her car.

I replied to Keke as Big Cal walked up, "yes, I gotta let it go..."

Big Cal was carrying groceries, "yo beautiful, can you open the door?"

I kissed Keke's cheek as she pulled away. I quickly ran up to Big Cal and grabbed some groceries.

"Boy, I said grab the door, not the damn groceries."

I giggled and opened the door as he led me into kitchen. I put everything down.

Tiffany Evans' Talk a Good Game was playing loudly in his living room.

He smiled, "are you gonna get in trouble like the last time you were here?"

I chuckled, "haha no. I was barely in clothes last time and I had a boyfriend."

"Oh Dig, you're single? No more Brooklyn?"

"My trip ends tomorrow, we will figure out what we are then. I just need some time."

"Does that mean you can help me cook?"

I chuckled, "you know I burn things, right?"

He came up behind me, "I'll teach you."

"Are you flirting with me? You want to be a rebound?"

He chuckled, "Perdóname."

I became confused, "what?"

"Honestly, you're a fly dude, and I would like to spend some time with you. And I don't mind being your rebound dude, to help you get over Brooklyn. And plus you're leaving tomorrow and we didn't get to chill like I wanted too. 

I replied "thank you. What does that spanish word mean?"

"It means... (he hesitated as he put the Breyers' Black Raspberry ice cream in the refrigerator.) Forgive me..."


He smiled, "yes Dig. I was flirting with you. You okay?"

I thought back to Kel talking to me. He said that spanish word. I am 85% sure, this is the word he used. 

I snapped out of my confusion and finished, "yes I'm fine. So what are we making?"

"I'll teach you how to make my favorite dish."

The End

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