The Graphite Green Sand WheelMature

Viewpoint from Demetreus "Diggy":

Floetry's Imagination played faintly on his phone. 

He laid my body underneath the graphite green wooden ship's canopy. The playground had a pirate theme, decorated with green cloth and a wooden plank. The smooth rhythm of Floetry with the soft cushion on the rubbery material smeared against my flesh comfortably. 

I know that I don't want to do this with Mikhael, but I've yearning for his touch. I haven't been able to focus on why I have this weird feeling about him. At this moment, I decided to let it all go, and enjoy his tongue work.

My shoulder blades rests against the mat while my back is arched. My lower back wasn't  touching the mat at all. My legs were spread open with him in between them.  

He got on top off me as I placed both hands against his chest. I could feel his rock hard nipples through his black buttoned shirt. 

I looked around and realized we were still in a public area. Being around an active atmosphere but secretly in the playground next to a movie theater gave me a rush that I usually don't experience with Kel.

He bit my neck and a faint moan left my body.

Kel smirked, "I'ma fuck you right."

I looked at him as if something has changed.

He slid below my waist and left a trail of kisses. My anxiety started to flare as I couldn't understand what was going on. 

I looked down as he pulled my pants down to my knees. For the first time in our relationship, he started on me first. The touch made me squirm as I clinched onto his head.

He licked the tip and I couldn't handle the motion. 

I squirmed again as I became uncomfortable. He looked at me.

He watched my body tensed up with anxiety because I wasn't ready for him to have me like this. 

He mumbled, "Diggy, let's try it this way."

I thought to myself as he picked me up: This is why I like him so much. He knew I was uncomfortable and he changed it up. He can read my body.

He leaned me against the sand wheel and started. I took a deep breath as he brought himself out of his jeans. I reached in my messenger bag and passed him a condom.

He looked at it and hesitated.

I grabbed him and whispered, "really?"

He quickly slid it on and pressed me against the pirate style sand wheel.

Forty eight minutes later:


I laid against him at the bottom of the slide. I was sitting in his lap as Weakest by Keke Wyatt played on his dying cell phone.

Kel kissed me on my neck, "I missed that."

I smiled, "I bet you did." 

Kel aligned our hands as I replayed everything. My body still tingled with pleasure and pain. 

I leaned my head against his collarbone.

I whispered, "can I ask you a serious question? I promise I won't get mad."

I couldn't see his facial expression as we were both staring at the stars. 

He whispered, "whats up babe?"

I replied, "the way you just fucked me has changed. How many people did you fuck when we broke up for that time period?"

He started coughing and I continued, "don't lie. I'll find out from Mutha Goose and Dewayne."

He whispered, "don't be mad."

"How many?"

The End

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