Diggy leaned against the door frame, "Yeah, it was much needed, but it does have me thinking."

I moved my towel so he can sit on the bed. 

I put my cell phone on the charger as he continued: "Kel, I had so much fun with you, but these last few weeks have been very stringent on us. (He hesitated.) And even though me and you are cool again, I have to ease back into a relationship with you. I can't hop right in. Do you understand?"

"Damn... you don't want us to be exclusive?!"

He put his hand on my knee and stuttered, "I just, I just want to go slow-w-w. We can sort out everything if you want when we get b-b-back to the Philly area."

"Ok, Diggy. I hear you." I looked towards the window.

He moved his head to face mine, "you sure?"

I immediately kissed him and he stumbled back.

I smiled, "I'm still going to do that everytime I want to."

His smile is so bright and inviting. He smiled, "take it slow..."

He slipped out of the room and I sat there in silence. 

"How am I going to fix this?"


Two Days Later. 


I held the movie theater door open as Diggy threw out his trash. I saved our movie ticket and put it in my wallet. He looked at me and shined his enticing smile.

"You know I'm surprised I really liked that movie. Magic Mike."

"You liked the men in it. Were you even paying attention to the storyline?"

"I mean they were gorgeous!!" Diggy yelled.

I grabbed his hand, and he held on.

I wondered to myself:  (I didn't understand why we aren't exclusive. But it wasn't going to stop me from making moves on him.)

I chuckled, "cuter than me."

Without hesitation, "yess!!"

"Damn, it's like that!"

He leaned into my personal space, "no, you know I have love for your ugly ass."

I laughed out loud, as I wrapped my arms around him, "you love my ugly ass."

"Eh, sometimes."

I leaned in and kissed him. The buttery taste of popcorn was still fresh on his breath. He pulled away.


"No." And I pulled him towards me again. He couldn't resist me as I pushed deeper. His kiss was everything I needed.

He pushed me off again and giggled, "I said slow bitch... slow!"

He started running away from me and laughing. 

I leaned down and tied my shoe as I saw his thick ass really picking up some speed. I chased him into a school playground. 

He hid behind the spiral slide. He was out of breath but we were enjoying each other.

I chased him up and throughout the jungle gym and finally caught him on the top of the big slide. 

We sat with our legs folded and stared into the sky. 

He was trying to catch his breath while we sat in the cool breeze.

Diggy turned to me, "I'm sorry that I brought you down here. We would have never broken up and experience all this pain."

I rubbed his hand, "life is life. It is what it is. The point is, you are still in my life."

He turned to me, "did I ever hurt you?"

I lied, "Big Cal kiss did bother me." 


I told the truth, "Nicky bothered me too."

He looked down and I lifted his head up. I contemplated being fully honest so I dropped a clue to see how he would handle it.

I finished, "It could have been worst, I could have cheated on you."

He chuckled, "I would have cut your penis into six pieces and fed it to you. And then..."

I interrupted him as I told a heavy gulp, "I get it... chill lol."

We sat in silence again. We sat there for another twelve minutes. He put his head on my shoulder and I felt good. This moment felt good. I felt complete. I could feel his body settling from running and his long breaths comforted me. The lightning bugs arounds us make it a damn good moment.

I turned to him and whispered, "I know you want us to take it slow, but I've been waiting to fuck you since we stopped talking. So you can tell me no, and I'll listen but I know you won't."

He looked at me with confusion as I started to unbuckle his belt. He looked around the yard and whispered, "ummm... this is not like you?"

"Yeah, but this is what you like."

I slid my hands in his pants and he jolted, "Kel..."

I smiled, "I'll be gentle." 

He closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

I felt him.

He said again, "Kel..."


The End

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