Perra EstúpidaMature

Viewpoint from Mikhael "Kel":

Saturday,  7:14pm

Later on that evening: 

I got off the phone with my son as I ran up the stairs to the bathroom. Girls Talkin Bout by Mindless Behavior played on my phone.

I relieved myself and walked into the bedroom. I laid on the bed and reflected my thoughts:

Today was a great day with Diggy.

Keke invited us to a 200 foot tall ferris wheel called Skyview Atlanta. Never knew Diggy was afraid of heights until we got to the very top. He was pertified. He clinched his body so tight to mine that I almost lost circulation.

Each of us were paired and had a beautiful time there. Even though Diggy was asking a lot of questions about Dewayne. I was direct and answered all his questions. It was nice not to be around all the shenanigans of these gay men.

I sat up and rolled my last blunt. Byron texted me that he was ready for me to stop by. I inhaled and went outside on the balcony. 

Big Cal chuckled, "You're a fucking fool."

Big Cal leaned against the railing and exhaled smoke.

I laughed out loud, "what are you talking about?"

Big Cal smiled, "Perdóname? It means forgive me in spanish."

I smirked, "he'll forgive me."

Big Cal chuckled, "no, he won't?! He is gonna trash you."

"Fuck you." 

Big Cal laughed, "perra estúpida. You would have been told him if you felt like you could be honest with him. You know Dewayne is gonna tell him right."

"CHILL!!! You need to stop talking to me as if you know me. I'm ready for a round 2, and I will shove my dick in your mouth."

I closed the balcony's door and took a deep breath. 

"That fat fuck could be right. Demetreus cannot find out, I was the one that initially cheated on him and not the other way around." I mumbled to myself. 

I looked up and Diggy was standing in the doorway.

"Babe! You startled me."

"Um, babe?" Diggy smiled. 

I was confused, "you did have fun today, right?"

Diggy looked equally confused, "who were you talking to?"

I looked at the balcony's door, and then looked back at him. "Big Cal."

Diggy said, "y'all talked?"

I had a mild level of anxiety shoot up my spine and I responded, "It was awkward, but it wasn't a conversation. I just realized he was out there and I left. But enough about that fat fuck out there, did you have fun tonight?"

The End

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