"Baby, english please." I mentioned.

He smiled and looked down.

He uttered, "I love you."

I jointed back and he continue , "1...4...3... I love you."

I placed my left hand on his right hand. Our hands aligned. 

I quickly responded, "where is this coming from?"

He looked up, "are you not going to say it back?"

I stared at our fingers touching. The warmth of our palm lines touching created a moment. 

I looked up and then looked down at him. I tried to get off the counter but he wouldn't let me.

He repeated himself, "you don't love me?"

We put our hands down as he commanded my attention.

I said, "these last few weeks were hard. But do I love you? Yes, I really do. But do I want us to take it slow, yes?"

I sighed and without hesitation he responded:

"Baby, I understand. I will make it up."

"See?! Right there?"

He looked at me with confusion. 

My facial expressions became vivid as I repeated, "am I missing something?"

Kel squinted his eyes, "what are you talking about?"

I finished, "Kel, Dewayne was apologizing to me about something he did to pull us apart. What is he talking about?"

"Babe, I don't know."

I was puzzled, "And then you said, you'll make it up?! How can you make it up!? Big Cal kissed me!? Am I missing something?!?"

He started to stammer but then he recovered. He quickly changed the subject and I reverted it back.

I finished, "you love me enough not to lie to me, right?"

Kel leaned in and kissed me. "Diggy, I am so in love with you, I'm not fucking this up."

I nodded my head but I wasn't convinced, "I love you too."

He leaned in and kissed me passionately.

Keke pop her head in and invited us to return with her guest. He grabbed my hand and led me back into the dining room. 

I thought to myself, "what is going on?"

The End

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