11:30am (After Breakfast:)

I laughed to myself as I slid the dishes into the soapy dish water. I grabbed the yellow sponge and rubbed it in a circular motion.

Keke smiled, "Meechy, we can clean them later. Come and enjoy the last few days you have here, since you are definitely leaving me." She frowned.

I walked up to Keke and suddenly hugged her. "Thank you Keya for letting me stay here and get a glimpse of my life as HIV counselor. Your friends are absolutely amazing. I feel like Denise is another addition of me." I chuckled.

She tightly hugged me. Kel walked into the kitchen and joined in with the hugging.

"Thank you Keke for taking us in. I also appreciate today. It was nice to get back to simple laughter and joy."

She hugged Kel and responded, "yes, besides the anxiety of being an open homosexual and the week that you were broken up, I really enjoyed both of you visiting me."

I kissed her cheek as she excused herself. I disregarded Keke and finished washing the dishes. 

Kel stepped behind me, "I've missed you."

I looked down and focused on the lightly colored pink bubbles from the soap and responded: "I've missed you too."

He grabbed some dishes and dried them with a dark grey towel. We didn't speak for the next seven minutes. Just the simple stares and smirks clouded our facial expressions. 

I finished the last dish and I looked back at him as Cameron Bethany's Interest played on his pandora radio channel.

He was sitting against the counter. 


I squinted my eyes, "you don't call me by my real name, ever? What did I do to you?"

He smiled, and his lips looked moist. 

I responded again as I placed all her dishes away in the cabinets. He whispered but I didn't hear him.

"What did you say?"

He peeped through the kitchen door. I turned around and glanced outside. I saw Big Cal smoking a cigar. 

Kel quickly grabbed me by waist, turned me and put me on top of the kitchen counter top.

I looked down at him as he climbed in between my legs. I felt slight anxiety as he stared at me.

"Day-mai-tree-o..." he trilled his r's.

I became vulnerable as I admit he has a certain level of control over me. I parted my lips and released a yes. Rain by SWV played throughout the kitchen.

"Te amo con todo mi corazón."

"Kel, now you know I failed spanish three times. I barely made it pass the third time. My teacher felt bad for me and gave me a C minus." 

He laughed as I was being serious. 

I continued, "seriously, I remember, umm, I think its, mi encanta comida."

He laughed and then bit his lip. I looked down and rubbed his skin. I felt the stumble of his shaved beard on his chin. He rubbed his hands up and down my outer thighs. 


The End

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