Philly Meetz AtlantaMature

I excused myself as I walked towards the door. Keke whispered, "I don't want to draw too much attention to this but Dewayne is here for you."

Dewayne stood there with cranberry red denim and a navy blue shirt exposing four curly brown chest hairs.

Keke whispered, "Deme, I don't want any drama today. I think we've had enough these past three weeks."

I kissed her on the cheek, "I'm sorry if I brought this drama to you. It wasn't my intentions at all."

She smiled, "I know Meechy. Handle your business, but outside my house."

I excused myself and stood face to face with Dewayne. I gently closed her condominium door. I put my phone on vibrate as I walked down the stairs with him. 

Dewayne smiled, "Hello."

I softly parted my lips and responded, "Good Morning."

"Can we talk? Man to Man?"

I was amused, "like Philly meets Atlanta?"

"Like Atlanta resolves the Brooklyn situation with Philly."

"Why? This is unnecessary."

"I have never had an actual conversation with you and I need to get this off my chest."

I acerbicly responded, "I'm pretty sure I know everything you have to say, but I'm listening."

Dewayne applied chapstick to his lips, "I like Mikhael and I think he likes me back."

I became defensive as he finished, "I would have never pursued him if I knew he had you."

I slid my hands into my pockets as he continued, "I am so sorry that I had a hand in the pot, that I was used to break up a relationship. I know you know about Byron and my plans with Kel. And how fucked up the idea may have been, I'm sorry. I really am a good guy and I'm sorry that I brought you any kind of pain or even Kel."

I watch him genuinely apologize to me and how his facial expressions displayed remorse, and sadness. 

My face tensed up as though I don't know why he is apologizing for his relationship after we broke up. 

We stood in silence as I started to process his words. 

He uttered again, "you don't own me anything... but please accept this apology.

I contemplated asking him another set of questions as we stood in silence. 

I opened my mouth, "what did you do to make you feel this bad?"

Kel opened the door as Dewayne started to answer this question. Kel ran to the bottom of the brownstone and jump into the conversation.

Kel interjected with a high anxious energy, "baby? What's going on?"

Both Dewayne and I responded simultaneously, "nothing, just talking?"

We both looked at each other and I smiled, "well wasn't that cute, yet so awkward."

Dewayne put his head down, "I'm sorry, I got caught up."

Kel finished, "hello Dewayne." He turned to me, "Keke wants us to start breakfast."

I turned to Dewayne, "Thank you for this talk. Do you mind if I think this over?"

Kel jumped in, "what was the conversation about?"

I glared at Kel because I felt like they are keeping a secret from me.

I sarcastically smirked, "thank you Dewayne. I'll come find you so we can finish this conversation." I looked at Kel and finished, "alone."

Kel allowed me to go first. I look through the reflection of the door and watch Kel glare at Dewayne. They are definitely hiding something. 

The End

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