Viewpoint from Demetreus

The Next Morning: 10am on a Saturday.

Keke came out of the kitchen with waffles and homemade maple syrup. I grabbed the plates as we sat at the table. I finished telling her the story as Wondering by Teedra Moses played from upstairs.

Keke laughed out loud, "so Kel saw you riding another dude."

I blushed, "it was horrible."

"Boy, I'm surprised you guys are friendly again. Did you guys connect last night?"

I put down the silverware and plated the table for eight. Keke placed eggs, turkey bacon, fresh fruit down in beautiful ruby red and white ceramic bowls.

I smiled, "nope. We laid in silence. It wasn't bad, it was... ummm... kinda... soothing."


"And, I don't know. But I do know, he has to get all his stuff from Byron."

Keke's eyes got big, "oh shit, really?"

Kel ran down the steps and looked at Keke.

He chuckled, "why you look like that?"

Keke smirked, "you good with going to get your suitcases from Byron?"

Kel chuckled, "I'll be fine."

Keke smirked again, "mmmmhhhhhmmm. Are you guys ready to go back to Philly?"

Kel quickly responded, "yes!!"

I smiled as the doorbell rang.

Keke wiped her hands, tucked them in her dress' pockets and slid on her heels, "coming!?"

She ran towards the door as I kissed Kel. Kel went into the kitchen and I continued to plate more food. The glass table was beautifully decorated with gorgeous red plates with silver stones for extra decor.

Keke hugged her sorority sister Denise and Laura Ann as they came in. They were accompanied by their dates John and Khalil. 

I said with a smile, "Good Morning everyone!"

Keke introduced us to her sorority sisters and their partners. She was only waiting for her personal guest. Kel started small talk within the group as Keke texted her partner.

The doorbell rung again. Keke politely excused herself from the table to answer the door.

"Demetreus, when you get a chance, can you assist me at the door?"

The End

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