A Good Thing.Mature

Viewpoint from Demetreus 


I sat up as my head flooded with anxieties, emotions, and fears. My body felt amazing but my mind didn't . He saw me and I had to own the moment. The upsetting part of this, is that I think I did the right thing. 

I rubbed Nicky's stomach as Chris Brown's No BS played throughout the last minutes of the birthday party. 

I whispered to Nicky as I grabbed his phone, "thank you."

I unlocked his phone and saw text messages from his girlfriend. 

"Fuck!" I whispered. I couldn't be mad, because it felt amazing being serviced like that. But I should have known he had a spouse.

I woke him and said, "thank you Nicky."

He smiled, "no, thank you. I've missed you."

I smiled, "now text your girl back cause she is really worried about you."

He looked at me with his goofy grin: "I hope you're not mad at me."

I rolled my eyes, "I'm not, but you should go home."

He kissed me on my forehead and muttered, "Mikhael lost a good thing in you. Deme, don't settle. The person that is made for you, will come. Don't let this bother you."

I pushed myself further down on the chair as he stood up and put his clothes back on. 

"Can I call you sometime?"

I chuckled, "I have a few days left before I go back home."

"Oh damn! Well this was exactly what we both needed. I want us to keep in touch this time around." 

I already put my clothes back on as I stood up with him. He gave me a hug and kissed me as we said our goodbyes.

I walked back into the club, and it was a quarter empty. I walked up to the bar where Ray was sitting.

I put my hand on his shoulder as I whispered, "Are you okay?"

Ray scoffed, "You're still talking to me? Even how I acted? And how your ex boyfriend treated me?"

I smiled, "I'm not sensitive, nor am I naive. You can be an asshole, its okay haha."

"Yeah, I'm an asshole."

He took another sip of his three horsemen drink and slurred, "You dropped me tonight, Aaron dropped me tonight and even Kel punched me on my 25th birthday. The fuck is this!"

I giggled, "well that's what you get!! You messing with the wrong bunch. But you'll bounce back. You're Captain Ray." I tried to give him a little encouragement even though I slightly didn't like the guy anymore.

Ray stood up, "I'ma get me some ass tonight. I feel like everyone got some tonight but me."

I looked guilty as he finished rambling. I saw Kel kissing Dewayne at the door. I needed to say something or do something. I excused myself from Ray and walked towards the exit.

The End

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