Brooklyn Tearz.Mature

Diggy stopped him in the middle of it: "Nicky, I love Kel. I don't know if I can do this."

I jerked back as he thought of me in the middle of this. How he must really love me? How I am an fucking idiot to pass up on him! 

Nicky turned him over, "I know you do, but I want you to nut and then you can go back to loving him. He isn't thinking about you when he's fucking them other men."

I saw Diggy contemplating. Nicky gently laid Diggy on his side and slid in again.

Nicky whispered, "do you want me to finish?"

Diggy gave him the okay and continued. His arms stretched to the top of the lawn chair as Nicky put in work. It bother me as I intensely watched. I was turned on yet paralyzed with fear to watch them have sex. 

I looked towards the door and I saw Dewayne looking for me. I turned back at Diggy and I tried to get my emotions together. 

"Why did it have to happen like this?"

I looked back to watch Diggy in his climax. Nicky picked him up into his favorite position and moved faster. My eyes started to water as my emotion rushed to my mind.

His erratic breaths and moans indicated he was about to release. We finally connected eyes at his moment of enjoyment. He didn't break eye contact with me as I tried to hold back my tears. 

He instantly got emotional when he read my facial expression. 

I read his lips, "I'm sorry."

I lipped back to him, "you needed this. I understand."

He started to cry and that alone hurt my heart. I understood. Dewayne tapped my shoulder as he looked at what I was looking at. 

Diggy's facial expression became remorseful.

Diggy switch positions with Nicky, and started to work on him. I didn't want to break concentration even though I knew Dewayne was worried about me.

I watch Diggy deliver a orgasm for Nicky with few thrusts. The moment was perfect for them. 

Dewayne grabbed my hand, "he isn't thinking of you. Come on, boo."

I wanted Diggy to make eye contact with me, again. Diggy laid with Nicky after he came. They cuddled on the lawn chair. I wouldn't leave until he looked up while Dewayne waited patiencely.

Diggy looked up at me for a brief moment and I lipped:

"I will always love you."

I saw a tear form and he didn't know what to say. 

 I let Dewayne lead me away. I want to explore life without Diggy, now that I know he can move on. Well I knew he could, but I needed to see it.

Both Nicky and Diggy watched us both walk away. Dewayne was cautious with this sensitive subject as he wiped my face.

Dewayne uttered, "I know that was hard."

I looked back at Diggy and he looked sad but happy. He needs someone gay.

Dewayne looked at me, and touched my chest. He leaned in, and I let him kiss me. 

The End

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