E&J on the Rockz.Mature

I walked off. I started to think about everything. 

I went back into the club where the DJ was playing a sexual selection. The lust was creaming off the wall as every person was paired and dancing seductively. The air was thick and motionless.

I went over to the bar and thought about the threesome. 

I looked over and watched Aaron kissing on Ray as if I didn't attempted to fight him. I got a drink from the bar.

"Can I get an E & J peach on the rocks?"

I felt the sex fluctuate through the air as everyone turned and focused on their partners. I was out of my element and I was alone.

Mutha Goose walked over to me, "may I have this dance?" 

I looked at him and smiled, "I'm okay, Mutha, I gotta find Demetreus."

He smirked, and pointed to the balcony. 

"I saw him up there 20 minutes ago."

I thanked him and walked towards the door. 

I started to hum the words as I climbed the stairs and walked out on the balcony. I gently closed the door and looked around.

Thinking about Diggy made me feel at ease. 

There were a few couple grinding on each other but I didn't see him. I walked to the side balcony and I saw Dewayne and Byron kissing from the 2nd floor. Could I really do a threesome with them?

I took another sip and leaned against the planted bushes. The smooth brandy warm my stomach. I looked at my phone as I could still hear the muffled sexual music from the hall. Should I text him? How do I make this right?

Tyrese's Signs of Love Making sliced through the thick layers of oxygen.

I took another sip and look through the bushes and I saw him. I dropped my glass and it splattered all over my boots. My mouth dropped as my thoughts spilled out. 

"Oh... my... fucking... shit!" I whispered as I watch Demetreus ride another man. He was sitting on top of Nicky as they were digging deep. His hands were covering his chest and Diggy let out a few moans.

It was painful to see him, but he needed this. Nicky's fingerprints were pressed firmly against his flesh. His skin moving up and down was turning me on. I missed how he felt, especially when he was on top of me. Nicky wrapped his hands around his neck and started to choke him. I bit my lip as I got turned on.

How I've missed him!? But I couldn't turn away. 

Nicky got on his knees and started to pleasure Diggy. I never did that with him, this is where I treated him like a woman. It didn't come across my mind to please him this way. He looked so stress. I want him to enjoy this because I've enjoyed other men.

Nicky said, "come on baby, cum for me."

The End

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