Trade Dudez.Mature

Viewpoint from Kel:

"Get the fuck out my face."

I pushed Byron off of me and I started flipping out. Dewayne got in my face.

I yelled at Dewayne, "stop trying to fucking control me."

Dewayne yelled, "I'm trying to help. I understand how fucked up this situation is, and yes I get it, you're upset. But you need to cool out and chill down. "

"I didn't want to fuck you. I didn't want to mess up my life..."

Byron wiped his nose as I busted him open.

Byron stood up, "let's just end this, go tell Demetreus everything." 

"Pause!" I said.

Byron continued, "you didn't fuck me, but you did kiss ME and I didn't initiate it. You wanted ME! I pushed you off of ME. So stop playing victim cause you wanted somebody else then you poor boyfriend."

"Take that shit back!" I said.

"I won't!"

"This is ridiculous!" I started to pace around them.

 Byron continued, "Yes I thought you were sexy. But I did respect that you were in a relationship. You're the one that wanted to taste these lips. You're not a gay dude are you? You're naturally a trade."

Dewayne tried to cool down the conversation. 

Dewayne interrupted, "everyone please chill the fuck out." We both took a deep breath.

I looked at him as I started to remember that night, "what's a trade?"

Byron chuckled, "I'm a trade. Theoretically a straight man that likes to get serviced by a gay man, with little to no sexual reciprocation. Diggy did everything. You treat him like your woman."

I was confused, "I satisfy his needs!"

"You satisfy him as if he was a woman. Instead of him as your equal."

I looked at him with anger as I knew he was right. 

"Dewayne is better for you, cause he is your equal. You fucking these dudes like they women. You already broke up with Diggy. 

Let that shit go and explore yourself."

I contemplated it as he finished, " I'll tell Diggy what ever you want me to tell him if you allow me and Dewayne to show you your gay side. I know you're new to this. Let us show you."

I felt naive. But I was confused and I am willing to make this right.

I looked up and released my fist, "what do you want to do?"

"Let me touch you tonight."

I scoffed as I stared at the both of them. I contemplated my first threesome without Diggy.

I looked at Dewayne, "let me think about it. I'll be right back."

The End

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