Maintenance WorkMature

I looked back at Kel with concern. I listened in on their conversation as Dewayne made his presence known.

Kel was visibly upset as I wanted to rush down there and save him but that was no longer my role. It pained me to stand here and watch.

I turned to Nicky and his shirt was already off. He's been working on his chest and his tattoos complimented his body nicely.

Nicky smiled, "Deme, I just want to make you feel good. Let me do some maintenance work on you. You need a fine tune up. I remember how this body worked, come here."

He reached his hand out as he sat on the black cushioned lawn chair. I looked at him and then back at Dewayne waving his hands in Kel's face.

Nicky whispered, "Dewayne isn't your problem and neither is Kel. You can deal with him later."

I looked at Nicky and he bit his lip. I took off my blazer and turned to Kel. I contemplated it. My face was scrunched up with decisions to make.

My thoughts were still and my choices were in black and white. I continued to watch him argue.

Nicky whispered, "Kel cannot ever replace you, but Brooklyn has met his Atlanta."

I looked down with sadness as he was right. Dewayne was my Atlanta revival. 

Nicky faced his fitted cap to the back as he continued, "Its time for you to have your Atlanta too. Come on babe. Let me make you feel no pain."

Slow from Jamie Foxx played in the next room as I grabbed his hand. I climbed on top of him as the cool city breeze aligned with the deep and rustico voice of lust. 

I allowed him to seduce me as my mind was still focused on Kel. I was still as my body became limp with resistance as Nicky pressed his fingers into my skin.

I could sense the lust release from his pores as I couldn't help but to hone in on Kel's voice.

Nicky kissed me again and I closed my eyes. How I've missed a touch... my body has missed attention. He started to massage my back and I felt my knots. I turned so that I was facing the balcony's view. He removed my shirt and started to massage my tension. 

He stabbed his elbow in my right shoulder blade and I felt the good pain.

Nicky said, "Deme, I know how you operate. Doesn't matter how drunk I am, I will take care of you and I won't hurt you."

I smiled, "I know you won't..."

                "Do you want to have sex with me?"

I stood up and walked towards Kel's direction. He wasn't there anymore. I walked over to the edge and I saw Dewayne defusing him. Dewayne tried to kiss him but he moved. He looked irritated. I looked back at Nicky and he pulled out a magnum condom.

I looked at Kel again and whispered, "this is what you wanted."

I turned around and walked over to Nicky.

"I'm ready." 

The End

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