Viewpoint from Demetreus 

I took a deep breath as I watched Kel from the balcony. He didn't know I was watching him. It took a minute for me to process that him and Aaron had sex, and that he is "protecting" me. I stood there in silence, just watching.

I had a weird sense of empowerment as Kel yelled and manhandled Byron.

Byron lied about having sex with Kel but that doesn't explain Kel's odd behavior. So I will remain quiet until he outs himself.

I looked to the right to watch Ray and Aaron tiptoed away. I felt the cool breeze rush against my skin and I remained silent. 

Nicky scooped up back of me as After We by J Holiday played.

"Hey boo." He swooped his hands around my waist. 

"Nicky, you're drunk as shit."

I watched him lock the balcony door and rubbed his left hand against my jeans. He stood behind me as I focused all my attention on Kel arguing with Byron on the ground level. I was two floors up but I could hear them yelling at each other. 

Nicky kissed me on my neck as he whispered, "why didn't it work out with you and the birthday boy?" 

I chuckled, "I made him too nervous and even though I did like him. I ultimately turn his little dick ass down and he was upset. You have to court this piece. You remember right?" I smirked with sass. 

Nicky smirked as he grabbed my hand and turned me, "baby, you know Kel isn't faithful to you. I ask people about him and he is enjoying being single."

"I know him like the back of my hand, Nicky. Yes, I'm aware that he is sexually active. I don't care about what he does after me, I care if he cheated on me, while we were dating. Something had to spark this."

"So if he can fuck people, why can't you?"

I chuckled, "I haven't been in the mood too honestly.

"Well that's going to change, cause I'm horny, and I want you. Come on Deme, give me a little attention." He whined.

The End

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