No Wallz.Mature

Ray turned to me and jumped. I guess he didn't think he was that loud. 

I continued, "you fucking with both my properties right now, Diggy is mine. You frontin' that you weren't on his top, not even ten minutes ago."

Ray tried to change the subject but I stepped in his face. Aaron stepped between us. 

I said out loud, "I fucked Aaron too." I turned to Aaron: "bitch, move."

Aaron looked ashamed as Ray took over, "listen we don't want any trouble. I get it, I have your man's attention like you clearly had Aaron's. You didn't want Demetreus, and honesty he deserves much better.  But honestly, Demetreus is over you and your spreading infection ass. Yeah, the rumor is you have chlamydia. Stop putting ya dick in dirty spots."

I lost it and punch Ray directly in his face. He stumbled back as Aaron pushed me. I turned and jabbed him in his stomach. 

I yelled, "naw niggah, you have the wrong niggah. I was cleared of all shit. Don't say any kind of shit out of your mouth. I'm from Brooklyn, we handle-e-e-e."

Ray immediately headbutted me after I finished speaking. I felt sharp pain in my forehead as I stumbled back.

Ray yelled, "Come on frat brother. Let me see what you got. You clearly got me fucked up, if you think my Philly side ain't gonna come out and fuck you up."

Ray squared up as I stumbled back.

I looked up and smiled, "you sure you wanna fight me on your 25th birthday, fraternal brother? Do you wanna look back at this moment and say to yourself, I should have walked away cause my frat brother was upset that I dogged his property? I should have backed off cause everyone in this city knows me, and my face will probably never recover from the bruises and scars from the hands of a Brooklyn boy. Was it worth playing game on Demetreus that will cost me ten grand of facial reconstruction? Do you really want to ask yourself these questions? I think you should, El Captain Raymo."

Aaron started to push him away as I finished, "Are you mad you never penetrated Diggy but I penetrated Aaron's no walls having ass."

Ray pushed Aaron and swung at me, "don't be talking about my dude."

I laughed, "come on birthday boy, you fight like a bitch. Maybe I should bend you over and fuck you like a bitch. Tiny tots ass Levi's."

Ray swung and we started fighting. It felt good to get some aggressive out.  Ray was stronger than I though, but no match for me. Byron pulled me off of him.

"Yo chill, dude." Byron said as he hands still were pressed against my chest.

I quickly gripped up Byron by his neck and finished: "why did you lie?"

I dropped him as Ray grabbed Aaron and attempted to recover. Ray yelled at me, "Fuck this! I'm not fighting anymore on my birthday. You can have him."

Byron looked confused as I threw him his little black book.

"We fucked?" I yelled as I looked around to see Ray and Aaron gone. 

Byron looked confused, "where did you get this?"

I jabbed him, "you fucking Dewayne and you tryna be my homie, but you really want to dick me down? Speak the fuck up."

Byron looked down, "I lied. I'm sorry."

"Fuck!! You got Diggy really tripping because you lied!! You want me?!"

The End

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