About That Life.Mature

Viewpoint from Kel


I was stunned again. Diggy relinquished our relationship. Is this what I've become? Did I dismantle this relationship?

I look down at the black book and thoroughly searched it again.

"I know I didn't sleep... with Byron. I slept with Dewayne that night. Damn!! Fuck!! I can't believe I can't recall this shit.

I watch Diggy walk away with Ray and it made me feel defeated. I leaned against the brick and punched a poster.

"I just lied to his face about cheating on him. He noticed my shift in behavior and in my movements. Shit, how am I going to fix this?"

I sat outside for twenty addition minutes and sat in my self pity. I opened the black book and opened page 21 and saw that Byron gave Big Cal a blow job and page 23, he... he's in a relationship with Dewayne... wait, what?

I tried to get my emotions together. I became embittered. I balled up my fist and I was ready to fight. I needed to find Byron and confront him. I needed him to tell Diggy that I didn't fuck him and his book was a lie. 

I jogged to the front of building when I saw one of Byron's friends, Cheung. He notice that I was stressed so he passed me a blunt.

"Perfect timing, bruh." I needed this hit.

 I took a few puffs and I felt it infiltrating my body. Next to me were two men fervildy kissing. I felt the coldness of my decisions climb up my spine.

This night was unexpected. I stood there for a few minutes and passed the blunt back and forth.  I dabbed Cheung and walked towards the front of the club.  

"Why am I here?"

As I passed the side panel, I saw a guy that I fucked when I was mad at Diggy. 

I stared at him as he kissed another man. You could feel their lust illuminating around them. Their kisses were very enchanted and loving. His hands caress his dreads and untied his bowtie.

 He poked up and I was stunned again. I saw his dreads. I looked closely and it was Aaron kissing Ray. 

 "The fuck." I whispered. "Wasn't he just with Diggy not even ten minutes ago? These men are ridiculous."

Aaron (that works with Diggy and Ray at the Red Institute,) pulled away from Ray and I listened to their conversation.

"You think he's cuter than me?"

"Babe, you're a ten in my books, he is just an 8.2, stop thinking about him. He isn't a factor." 

"Good, cause I need to be the only focus."

"And you are."

I couldn't help not to stare and I said out loud. "Gay men are a trip and a trap! Weren't you just begging for the Philly gentlemen to suck your dick?" I lied.

I wanted to fight, I wanted to see if my fraternity brother was about that life. 

The End

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