The Next AlphaMature

"Don't look at me like that?! Read fucking page 28!!"

He first looked at me with a disdained expression as he didn't expect this curve ball. I watched him look through the pages to see the different men and women that Byron has had sex with. 

He looked at me after reading page 28 and yelled, "he drugged me and raped me. That's why I was so sick the day later. But I don't remember this... wait... wayment.

"He did not rape you. Weed and alcohol is not drugging you. You still understood what was going on around you. You had sex with him before you got drunk. If you read page 29, second paragraph, fifth sentence, he describes how your body moves."

"Diggy, I honestly don't remember that?"

I cried, "you knew he liked you."

"Diggy, I didn't know."

"Is that why you didn't kiss me for the next few days after that big Byron party? That is why he is so rude to me?"

"Diggy, you have to believe me." I saw his facial expressions become upset. He walked towards me and I stepped back.

"Fuck you!! (I tried to remain calm but my hands started to tremble.) You do remember!! Stop playing dumb. I gotta go, I can't do this..."

His mouth dropped and I ran down the stairs towards the exit, "I need air."

I opened the door and I could still hear the music from the main floor. So Anxious by Ginuwine. I looked over to see a drag queen, Pradda Damita Jo Cruz. She was practicing her routine. I tried to hold back my tears. She look at me and I got this erie feeling that I knew her.

She said, "let it go."

I lost it and cried. I couldn't be bad bitch anymore. I couldn't be strong anymore. I sat there against the concrete and cried. I sat there for six minutes. 

Mikhael opened the door and saw me sitting on the ground.

"Demetreus, come here."

I looked up with blood shot eyes and glared at him. He walked over to me and grabbed my hands. He pulled me up and kissed me. It just didn't feel the same. I didn't have respect for him anymore.  

He released and apologized, "I know you are angry with me. And I can't say anything that will make you change your mind, but I don't remember sleeping with Byron. I know we need space from each other right now. But I need us to be cordial. We leave from Atlanta in a few days. We can sort everything when we get back to Philly, okay?"

He wiped my face and I felt uneasy. He could sense it.

"Diggy, are you okay?"

We turned to see the birthday boy standing there.

"Demetreus, are you okay?" Ray interjected. 

Kel said, "yeah he is fine." I looked up at him and then looked back at Ray.

Ray reached his hand out, "come on Dee, you're my date, right."

I walked away from Kel and grabbed Ray's hand. I still haven't released a word from my mouth.

Ray smiled, "enjoy your night, fraternal brother."

I put my head on his shoulder and walked off with him.

The End

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