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Dip it Low by Christina Milian played through the muffled stairwell. We stood there in silence as I was waiting for a response from Mikhael.

"I needed a break." Kel said.

"Why? You really think I cheated on you?? Me, your Diggy? Why would I cheat on you?"

He stood there in silence. I finished:

"But you damn sure replaced me. Dewayne though? When did it start?"

My tone was aggressive while his was almost defeated. He was quiet and slightly emotional.

"You're not replaced." He mumbled.

"Did you sleep with Dewayne?" I yelled.


"Did you cheat on me?"


"You think I cheated on you?"


It hurt my feelings and I continued,

"With who?"

"Big Cal or Ray." His head dropped like he was ashamed to say it.

"Wow, do you not know me?"

"I know you well."

"Big Cal kissed me yes, but I pushed him within two seconds but you enjoyed your kiss with Dewayne. You need to see your fault too."

"Trust me, I do." He mumbled again.

"Really..." I scoffed. "I'm going to ask you again."

I got in his face, "Did you ever cheat on me? But this time, I need to you to stop putting the blame on me, cause you know I would never cheat on you. I need you to really think about it." 

My eyes started to water as the Melanie Flona's 4am played.  

He looked down, "I'm sorry. I just want us to go back to normal."

"Answer my question, Mikhael."

His eyes started to water, "I never cheated on you. And I know you never cheated on me. It was just a lot of stress with men throwing themselves at me."

"Why didn't you trust me and tell me??"

"I don't know..." He wiped his face. He took a step forward as I took a step backwards.

"Didn't I tell you not to trust men down here. I told you about this club and told you about gay men and how savage they are."

"I'm sorry that I didn't believe you, but..."

I wiped my tears, "I am so hurt by you. You were my one and only." I choked on my words. 

He grabbed my hands, and leaned closer, "I never meant any of this... you need to hear me. And you are still my one and only."

I pushed him off of me, "I didn't mess us up. I wish you would have trusted me. Now, I'm going to ask you one more time, and this time you tell me the fucking truth Mikhael. Did you cheat on me?"

He contemplated, "I love you and no, I didn't."

I went into my boot and pulled out Byron's black book and threw it at him. 

"Read page 28. I told Keke I would prove her wrong."

The End

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