He turned us and stretched my hands upward against the cement wall. I felt the hardness of his python through my jeans as I arched my back.

It was good to feel powerless.Nicky always took good care of me, and I always knew he had me.

I felt his tongue massage mine. My hands remained stretched above me as his right hand slid in my jeans. He wrapped his hands around me, and he started to move up and down. Kel never touched me first, I was caught off guard. The sensitive touch made me quiver. His left hand rubbed my ass as he kept kissing me. 

Two strangers walked by us as I couldn't break the great feeling I was having. I saw them look at us with confusion and excitment. I am always the good guy, and always putting others before me. This moment was about me.

He slid his hands off of me and stopped kissing me.

Nicky chuckled, "I've missed you, but babe, you are sexually deprived." He crept up my arms and kissed me once more.

I tried to catch my breath as he fucked my mind up. He stopped in the middle of my climax.

Nicky smiled as he buttoned my pants, "I've really missed you. Come and find me, if you want me to finish what I started."

He attempted to walk away from me and I grabbed him, "No!"

I leaned in and kissed him. Nicky firmly held me. I could taste the haitian rum and cranberry off his breath. 

I whispered, "I needed this."

He whispered back, "I'll give you more."

He held me tighter. 

"Am I interrupting?" Kel whispered.

I released from Nicky's grip. Kel's arrogance showed greatly.

Nicky chuckled, "wassup boss, my name is Nicky and yours?"

Kel glared at me, "I am Demetreus' boyfriend."

I jerked back and corrected him, "ex boyfriend!"

Nicky felt the tension and made a joke, "oh cool, I'm Demetreus' ex boyfriend too. Damn we got shit in common."

Kel stood his ground, "you done?"

Nicky smiled and turned to me, "Deme, I know you were devastated after we broke up, but raise your standards."

I chuckled with awkwardness.

Kel responded, "he upgraded to a real hood nigga not a macklemore disney channel wannabe."

Nicky laughed, "I'm hood, don't let this skin color confuse you. Atleast I could keep a good dude? Why did y'all break up?"

I stood in between them.

Kel smirked, "none of y'all fucking business. Your eyes are dilated, that means you got a drink with your name on it, go find it, bitch."

Nicky smirked too, "You're right, I do have a drink with my name on it. It's called Demetreus. (He turned to me.) I understand why you are sexually deprived now, when you stop talking to this clown, come find me, and I'll satisfy you over and over again. (He turned back to Kel.) I'ma fuck your man tonight."

My mouth dropped as Nicky laughed out loud and left through the exit.

Kel chuckled, "I'ma fuck him up." 

I rubbed my forehead with partial irritation and then snapped back at Kel:

"Why? I'm single, and clearly you're doing whatever you want to do. What do you want from me?"

The End

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