Smoked Grey EyesMature

Viewpoint from Demetreus


As soon as I left the dance floor, I escaped to the stairwell. I could hear Party Rock Athem muffled through the walls. I was drenched in sweat. 

I took a piece of tissue and wiped my forehead. I am so proud of myself that I didn't let Kel destroy my night. I felt good that I could keep up with Ray and all the talented gays down here in Atlanta . 

I leaned against the wall and the cold temperature felt great against my sweaty body. I took a deep breath and popped a pink starburst in my mouth. The juicy flavors rushed against my teeth as I tried to slow down my heart rate.

I looked down at my phone to see texts messages from Kel's mom, Malik and my two best friends Andi and Toya. I opened them and answer each one. I hummed Durand Bernarr's 3005.

I started to pace the stairwell as I heard the DJ change the song, Bad Romance by Lady Gaga through the walls. I looked down the stairs to see a single layer of smoke. 

I looked down at my phone and started coughing. 

"I'm sorry for smoking in the stairwell, but I needed it." 

I looked around as I didn't know where that voice was coming from.

I said outloud, "It's okay. No judgment. Do you!?"

He walked up the stairs and connected with my eyes. He was a 5'7 Caucasians male with two sleeves of tattoos. His smoked grey eyes and fitted cap facing the back looked oddly familar.

He smiled as he stopped on the level I was on, "oh shit, I know you."

I put my phone down, "ummm, don't tell me your name... it's Kyle, Roberto, uhhh... hmmm!"

He put out his cigarette, "Demarcus, right?"

I chuckled, "Demetreus and yours is Nicky, we met in Philly?!" 

Nicky smiled, "your flaco ass remember me. Wow I'm impressed."

"Haha, I am not flaco, smaller but still thick."

"Yes, I remember, well bitch come give me a hug. I haven't seen you in a while."

As Nicky gave me a tight hug, I reminisced about my experiences with him. Nicky was a man I partially dated, years before Kel. He was also a down low man. He was my fun white boy but we stopped talking cause he got locked up. He represent the heart of south philly and I was from Northeast Philly. He helped me understand myself better.

He leaned back, "you look good Dem."

I smiled as he spun me. He continued, "that ass is still plumped. I wonder if I could have some."

Nicky was also extremely forward. 

I chuckled, "didn't you have to earn it before?"

He chuckled, "haha, yess but I'm drunk now, and you could never take me. (He licked his lips.) You gonna let me come inside, for old time sakes? Or you got a man? Cause the Deme I know, is about being faithful."

I smiled, "I am technically single, but my ex is here. And I'll save you a song. You know that is how it used to start." I giggled.

He leaned against the wall and grabbed my hands, "it used to start like this and then if I wanted ass, it would always start with an Usher song."

He grabbed me and started kissing me.

The End

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