I took a few steps back as Captain Ray lift his leg and started to really thrust into him. The crowd was so excited and cheering both men on. I stood there so frustrated. Diggy took this as a challenge and he just won it.

He looked at me and then kissed Ray on his lips. Wow, that bothered me. 

I opened my mouth and no words escaped. I stood there as Diggy was helped off the bar. 

Ray remained on top of the bar. Diggy passively aggressive thanked everyone as he walked towards my direction.

I didn't break train of thought as I stared at him walking through the crowd. He took strides as I can feel his power approaching. 


He walked by me and smile.

I chuckled, "fuck you."

He look at me and smiled back, " I know you miss this ass. But my knock off is kinda cute."

He brushed by me with that smart ass comment. I can smell the warm brown sugar fragrance off of him.

I rubbed my face as I bit my lip, "the games you play."

Dewayne came up behind me, "stop ignoring me."

I looked at him, "I'm not ignoring you, but I do gotta take care of something."

I chased after Diggy.

The End

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