My Property.Mature

Viewpoint from Kel

3 minutes before.

Everyone seemed to be having an amazing time while I was still idle. It was like I missed what all the hype was about. I wasn't interested in dancing or making a fool out of myself. I really didn't know why I came.

I went over to a corner of the lounge and slid on my head phones. Durand Bernarr's rendition of 3005 played as I looked down at my phone. I login on to facebook and decided to go through my news feed. 

I whispered, "damn, I miss my family and my friends. Yo, those were some good times."

Looking at old photos of my best friends had me thinking about my life. Why did I sleep with Dewayne initially? My life was were I needed it to be, with the exception of dating a man. Demetreus, is someone I can't explain, I just love to be around him. 

I looked around and a white glare blinded me for a second. 

I rubbed my eyes, and a smile crept on my face. There he was... in all his sparkle. I miss him. 

I took out my head phones to see Demetreus twerking on the bar. He could always captivate a room. 

Thoughts of me getting behind him while he danced on me crossed my mind. I always felt like the most important person in the room when I danced with him. 

He looked like he was having fun. He was also dressed very nicely. I took a few steps out of the corner and we instantly connected. 

Time slowed down for me, and I wanted him to know that I missed him. I lipped a few delicate words to him and he understood. Surprisingly because he was about 17 feet away from me.

He misses me, I can see it all over his facial expression. It made me feel happy. I went to say another word to him and I felt Dewayne's presence.

His hands touched my chest as I fell into him. I forgot my train of thought, and lust took over. I instantly remembered being inside Dewayne and the moans he made. I remembered the sweat that dripped from my fingertips to his lower back. I remember stroking him for hours and releasing frustrations.

He released from the kiss and whispered in my ear, "I want you in a threesome."

I looked at Dewayne with confusion and I felt drugged. My lips felt sore from his aggressive kiss and my face was flushed because of the tempature of the room.

I looked up at Diggy and saw sadness in his face. It instantly clicked the remorse I saw on his face.

I whispered after I realized I had Diggy's full attention and Dewayne just intimately kissed me, "fuck, it just keeps getting worse!"

I was at a lost for words as I watched Captain Ray walk up to him. I ignored Dewayne as I took a few steps forward. I was paralyzed with confusion and flushed with emotion.

Diggy turned to me and lipped, "Dewayne over this?!"

My head snapped back as I didn't mean to challenge him. I saw him become angry.

I walked away from Dewayne and walked toward Diggy. I started to get upset as I watched my boyfriend get stroked by someone else. Diggy is my property. I started to ball up my fist as I watch this random dude dance with what is mine.

Diggy stared at me as he grabbed Ray crotch. I took a heavy breath. Byron came up to me, but I was too focused. Ray was having too much fun with my Diggy. I walked up closer and Diggy commanded my attention with one motion. 

He gave me his middle finger and he said, "you lose."

I was stunned. 

The End

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