Hoe Tendenciez.Mature

Tell Me by Christina Aguilera and Diddy played as the crowd hopped with the loud rhythms. Thoughts shuffled through my head as I tried to figure out a solution. I lipped the lyrics as I walked through the hallway full of flamboyant gay men and lesbians. 


I took a deep breath as I had to switch into my Bad Bitch mode. I rubbed light pink glossy chapstick on my lips and walked into the main level of the party. 

I kept straight as I started to catch eyes of the guests. I also was one of the only men dressed in all white. I kept my jawbone clenched, and my strides full of power. I arched my back inward to always show good shape.

The bridge of the song switched into Nicki Minaj's Itty Biggy Piggy. Ray stood up from the VIP section and waved me over.

I smiled as all the bottomed gays twerking against the song's beat. All the men were watching everyone, but this is one of my favorite songs and I needed to get Kel's attention. 

The bartender grabbed my hand and I got onto the VIP bar with two other skinny dudes. With the beat, I started twerking. I bit my lip as I really got into it. People around us were cheering us on. Two guys started to throw money at us and I started to have fun


I locked eyes with Mikhael and I had him hypnotized. He looked good, and I instantly missed him. Time felt like it slowed down as we didn't blink. I saw his lips move.

"I'm sorry..." My heart melted.

Then I watched Dewayne walk up and kiss him on his lips.

I went into shock, I never seen any other man touch him. His eyes closed as he was indulged in the kiss. I felt a sharp pain in my chest as I lost my bad bitch mentality.

I flipped my head quickly so I didn't get stuck. I tried to hold back my tears as I had a lot of men around me. I turned back again and he was still kissing Dewayne after ten seconds. I lost feeling in my fingertips.

He released and immediately looked at me. He saw pain on my face and I saw the remorse on his. 

I heard the crowd cheer on Ray as I felt his crotch connect my ass. He grabbed my arms and I started booty poppin on him. Ray started to grind on me as the crowd got into it. They cheered him on as he started to give me the business on the bar. 

He lifted my leg and turned me as I continue to twerk. I couldn't focus on crying about Kel, I had to focus on not falling with Ray. He put his arms into my back, the way I like it and I looked back at Kel.

He looked pissed. 

I lipped, "Dewayne over this?" I tried to switch back into my bitch mode.

His head jerked back as I think he understood me. 

I turned to Ray and grabbed his crotch. The crowd screamed, "ooooh and yess!!"

He kissed me on my lips and I pushed him off. I looked at Kel, "you lose." I lipped, trying to be a petty bitch.

Ray bent me over and started to stroke me infront of everyone.

"I guess Kel was right, I do have hoe tendencies."

The End

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