I opened up the balcony door and the cool Atlanta breeze brisked by me. The stars were beautiful. Just glistening in every direction. The balcony was connected with stairs to an upperbalcony.

I decided to walk up there. As I climb the steps, I heard voices so I stopped. When I listened in, I realized those voices were familiar voices.

"Babe, he is so mad at me."

"Well, how did you make him mad? Seriously don't fuck this up."

"Why are you so obsessed with him anyway. What's so special about fucking a dude from Brooklyn."

After hearing those words, I poked my head above the third step to see two men hugged up on each other. 

"That's the thick dude that like Kel." I whispered to myself. I couldn't see the other dude. 

They continued:

"Did you see his ex, Diggy?"

"Um, why?"

"Babe, can you just answer the question?"

"No, I haven't seen him all night and  I've been here since 9pm. Why do you want him too?"

"I just want to have a conversation with him, babe, don't  be so defensive."

" I'm not defensive, I am just better than him. Fuck Diggy. He has a tight grip on Brooklyn. But I'ma break it."

"How you gonna do that, babe?"

"I'll fuck him and then I'ma fuck you."

"We can fuck all together, Dewayne."

"Ha! If that's what you want, you can have whatever you like. I'll trap them."

They kissed.

"Byron, can we do it tonight? Doesn't he leave at the end of the week? This nut better be the bomb dot com."

"It will be, trust."

"Come on, let's go find him."

They walked back into the room as I became so irritated. "Fucking assholes... I told Kel. Damn, they are scheming."

I sat on the gun metal steps, and rubbed my hair. "What do I do?" I whispered to myself. 

I stood up, brushed myself off and went back into the party.

The End

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