Grand Entrance.Mature

Mutha pushed the door opened and stopped to look at Ray.

Ray looked amazing with all white on. I dressed him with gold boots, black denim, tucked with a black dress shirt, and a gold plated rosed bowtie.

I had on white washed denim jean with a crisp white v neck on. My black blazer had a black matte paisley pattern and hugged my curves nicely. 

Mutha came over to me, "well, lookie, lookie here! You are the pretty thick jawn from Byron's party. Look at youuuuu, dressing this phoine ass man, Ray."

He turned to Ray, "when you gonna let me eat the biscuit!"

We bursted into laughter as Tenisha walked up to us, "hey baby, I'm Ray Ray's big sister, Tenisha and what's your name?"

Tenisha was a beautiful dark skin thicker woman with a bright smile and hazel eyes.

I opened up my arms for a hug, "I'm totally a hugger and I am Demetreus, and I'm technically Ray's coworker and..."

Ray interrupted me, "Ten, he is also my date for tonight."

Justin smiled, "ooooo!"

I smiled, "yes, I am. It is pleasure to meet you both."

Justin smiled as he hugged me, "I love how you styled Ray."

Mutha smiled at Ray, "everybody and they mama here tonight. Thank you for allowing me to host. I am having soo much fun. But I really need you to make your grand aaann-trunce!!"

Ray smiled as he walked over to me, "Deme, come out there with me."

I respectively declined, "um, oh, this is your moment."

He smiled, "okay, I see. Well let's get this poppin'."

Everyone headed out the door as I stayed behind. Before Tenisha left the room, I walked up to Ray and gently kissed him on his lips. We both closed our eyes and I felt like I was floating on air. Tenisha walked up and grab his arms. She wrapped them around my waist and he digged deeper. I felt my head moving with his and his dreads created a barrier between love and air. He gently released and I didn't want him to stop.

He smiled as he released his grip, "whew, damn that was nice."

I rubbed my lips with contentment. Tenisha was leaning against the door frame with a bright and big smile on her face.

She mentioned, "you guys are sooooo cute!"

Ray waved goodbye and ran out of the room with Tenisha.

I looked around the room and smile. "Could I really be without Mikhael?" I whispered to myself.

The End

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