Red StarburstMature

Viewpoint from Demetreus "Diggy".


I stood in front of Ray as he wiped his face.

"Seriously , you look great, why are you so nervous."

I straightened his gold bowtie. 

He exhaled and I could smell the red starburst on his breath.

He whispered, "all of this is a bit much for me. I love my manager Pam but she really went all out for my 25th. Like I was good, just chilling with you tonight but I feel like every gay is here tonight to celebrate with me. Even my family and fraternity brothers are here."

I rolled the lint brush against his blazer as I spoke: "You are so cute. Don't be nervous, you deserve this party and you deserve to be around people that care and love you for being amazing semi director. (We both laughed.) And being a influential brother of Alpha Phi Alpha and being a strong member of this LGBT community. I want you to have fun tonight cause you look great. And I am requiring you to dance with atleast five people tonight."

"Do you count?"

I smiled, "no, I don't count. You can't keep up with me. (We both laughed again.)

He wrapped his hands around my waist, "Deme, I'm so nervous." He looked down at me like he wanted to kiss me. I became a little anxious as his pressure became tighter.

I released from his grip cause it felt like I was cheating on Kel even though we aren't together anymore.

"Um..." I whispered.

He let go of me, "I know, I know. Mikhael."

I look down with disbelief, "I'm sorry, we just broke up three days ago."

He became remorseful, "I'm sorry, I'm not being sensitive to your needs. Take as much time as you need."

I wrapped his hands around my waist, "It's a little hard but tonight is about your happiness. You serve the hell out of this community, so let me serve you and be your date. And I won't talk about Kel tonight, but you have to be gentle and sensitive with me."

"Wow, you don't have to be, but I appreciate it. Does that mean I could kiss you now?"

I leaned against him and he puckered up, I laid my lips against his and the knock on the door startled us.

He let go of me and stopped in front of the mirror with shock.

"Damn, I look good!"

I smiled as I bent over to tie my shoe.

At the door, Mutha Goose bursted in with Ray's siblings Justin (from the bar) and Tenisha.  

"Bitch! Mutha, the official host has arrived!!"

The End

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