Alabama Or AtlantaMature

Mutha Goose took the microphone as Buttons by Pussycat Dolls played in the background.

"Welcome to Club Pynk! Today is the celebration of one of our own! He does a phenomenonal job taking care of all the gays in this beautiful area, and I'm happy that he has allowed us to throw him this birthday extravaganza!! I said, extravaganza!!! So I want all the bitches, fairies, trades, hot ass messes, twerk masters, downlow, smutty ones ,queens and kings to give fierrrrrce snaps to our favorite birthday boy Raylin Thompson."

The entire crowd started snapping and yelling. Everyone was so excited. I think Byron could see my facial expression. I was nervous. 

He nodded, "you good?"

I smiled, "uh, yeah... um aight."

He smirked as he grabbed my hand, "I know it's a lot but just take it all in."

Mutha Goose finished:

 "Now before his fine ass graces this pixie dusted, caramelized honey and painted stage, I would like you all now, that I am the official host of this divine event. Currently we have shattered the record for attendance tonight, and we are max capacity bitches at 1200 people. Bitches, I know some of y'all are nasty and horny so please, please, please wrap it up!!! We have our friends at the Red Institute here providing information on their services and continuing to do damage control."

He started to sway with his words. I saw Giovanni sitting at the bar. I looked up at Mutha again. 

He continued, "The official 8 BLUE balls pool party tournament and darts tourney will be happening on the blue level and official drag performances by the house of Cruzz will be on the gold level, which is the basement. Yes, hunnty! Lawdddd, we have Divinity Cruzz gracing the pynk basement. And the introduction of Pradda Damita Jo Cruzz, that bitch is lit!!! I'm so excited for tonight festivities! Sooo let's jump into the vagina juices with some Janet Jackson's You want This mix, and I'll be right back!! Dj, hit that mutha fucking beat!! And let's dance to this Miss Jackson song, and I'll be right back with the grand birthday boy."

Janet Jackson's You Want This played.

I sat back stunned. I was in shock but I was determined to have a great time. I wonder if Diggy is here. I stood up and told Byron that'll I be right back. I texted Malik asking him about being comfortable. I didn't have Diggy here to calm my nerves. This is such a weird feeling. I walked over to the bar and Bryson sat next to me. I fucked Bryson, two days ago, cause I could. Absolutely wrong mindset that I was in.

"Hey Brooklyn." Bryson smiled.

"Wassup Alabama." I said as I received an shot of Hennessy.

"My ass is still sore from you pounding me a few days ago."

I laughed, "you loved every minute of it."

He chuckled as someone put there hand on my shoulder, "when we doing it again?"

I turned to see Dewayne glaring at Bryson.

All Night, Don't Stop by Janet played next as Dewayne took over, "come dance with me." Bryson glared at Dewayne.

I smiled, "oh I can't, not to Janet."

"Why not, she is a queen of Pop!"

"Oh yes, I'm very familiarized with Ms. Jackson. She is an icon."

"Well dance with me..."

"Chill Dewayne, I'm good."

"Why are you acting this way?! Bryson is a downlow bitch, why are you here?"

Bryson chuckled, "dumb bitch, why are you looking at me like that? Hit me up later, Kel."

I watched Bryson walk away, and said to Dewayne, "Can you stop acting like you know me, cause you don't. You're not my nigga, so back up. I do like you, but damn give me space."

Dewayne's mouth dropped as I nodded to Bryson. I took my drink and walked away.

The End

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