Cut Tiez.Mature

I opened up the guest bedroom, where I've been staying and slid my hands in ball shorts. 

Toni Braxton's Please played on MTV 2.

I redial Dr. Symone's number as I paced the room.  I grabbed my Alpha book and a drawing slid out. I picked it up and it was a picture that my son drew for Diggy. He drew us as a family. It instantly hit me, I missed them both.

I called my son and he didn't pick up. So I tried calling Dr. Symone again and she picked up.

"Hello, you've reached the office of Symone House. Please leave a message and we'll call you as soon as we can!"

I sucked the gap between my side teeth. 

I heard a knock at my door as Malik called my cell phone. I picked up as I opened the door.


Dewayne smiled as he pushed the door opened, "hey cutie?"

Malik said on the phone, "that isn't Diggy's voice."

I chuckled, "yeah best friend, I'm not with Demetreus anymore. But I gotta go..."

He started to stammer as I rushed him off the phone. Dewayne looked very nice as he slumped on my bed.

He smirked, "so you coming with me tonight."

I smiled back, "yes, with you and the crew." I looked down at Malik calling again.

He smirked again, "are you coming as my date?" He looked down as he twiddle his fingers.

I laughed, "if you want." I turned down the volume of the television.

He stood up and kissed me on my lips, "yes, I want. And don't worry, I'll make you forget about Diggy."

I didn't want to forget about Diggy but I smiled, "how so?"

Dewayne chuckled as he rubbed my back, "I think I'll find a way. And call your bestie back. You should tell him about me."

He closed the door and I picked up.

"Yooo! You're not with Diggy anymore?" I could feel his mouth wide open.

I fronted, "yeah, Diggy kissed another dude, and I checked him."

"That doesn't sound like Diggy."

"Well it was. And I've been fucking everything with a hole down here."

"My man!!! I'm sorry about your relationship but be careful, you're in the highest sexual area."

"Yeah, I just got tested."

"I had to call you cause your mom told me, well kinda and good, now that you're sexually active with men, you gotta be safe. You know Diggy and your mom are talking to each other right?"


"I dont know, bruh. That's where I heard the rumor from."

"I'ma cut that shit out. Diggy needs to cut ties."

The End

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