The Brooklyn PapitoMature

Viewpoint from Mikhael "Kel".

Friday, June 22nd 2012


A week and four days later:

He pressed his body against me and I felt the tightness of his walls. I felt the rubber  ridges against my manhood as he pushed forward and backward against me. My hands grabbed his waist as he took all of me.

"Ahh! Oooh." I groaned.

Giovanni smiled as he whispered, "you like this, papito?"

"I do, papo."

I said anything to make him feel comfortable. I don't want anything else but a release from him. I needed something, as my life has made an major change in the last week. CoStar by Day 26 played as we switched positions. 

I closed my eyes as he busted his first nut and got on all fours. I rubbed my index finger around his asshole.

"You ready for this pounding."

He clenched up, as he nodded. I could careless about him, as I needed to escape my thoughts and convictions. I poured the lubricant seductively on him and slid it all in him.

He moaned loudly and this would be the fifth man I had sex with this week. I was a little out of control. I was being wild. My behavior, I couldn't help not to be a bitch as the energy was fueling me. No one knows that I cheated on Demetreus, so I still don't look like the bad guy. Giovanni felt good, not as good as Diggy and Dewayne, but he was good.

He leaned his hands against the brick walls of his job. I started pounding him into the wall. His face were rubbing against the brick wall as I wouldn't stop. I wanted to destroy his insides. One of his hands pushed against my pelvis indicating that I was going to hard. Fuck that. Brooklyn boys aren't pussies, he wanted this dick, he should be able to take it all, at this pace.

He started to moan louder, and I grabbed his hair.

"Yussss Papito, fuck me!" 

I started to pound harder and the sound of my body slamming into him, I felt my orgasm come on. I rolled my eyes backwards as I came in him. 

The warmth of my cum inside the condom added to my release. I took the condom off and slid it in him again. I came again. I threw the condom away.

He took a towel and wiped me down. He kissed me on my neck and thank me.

I said, "it's 2:28pm, your lunch break is over. Are you satisfied?"

He nodded yes, and I left.

I washed my hands and slid my pants back on. I put my headphones on and finished my jog.

I got back to Byron's place at 4:30pm and went inside. Since the big fall out between me and Demetreus. I moved out of Keke's place, and into Byron's place. Demetreus extended my vacation time without my permission, so I'm down here for three weeks instead of two. He also has control of the airplane tickets, and I refused to pay another 400 hundred dollars to go back home, so I'm down here. We haven't spoken since the night at the courts. I told him its over, but I still really love him. 

I went into the kitchen, where Byron was topless with his girlfriend standing behind him as he was cooking.

"Yo wassup bruh?" I smiled.

They both turned around, "you coming with us tonight?"

I look down to see Dr. Symone calling me. She was the doctor that tested me for sexual transmitted infections. 

I looked up, "where are ya going?"

His girlfriend, Marisa smiled, "Captain Ray has his birthday bash tonight at Club Pynk. It's an all black and gold party."

Byron smiled, "it is at a gay club though. You going to be okay?"

I chuckled, "yeah, I got this. I'm rolling with you all."

Marisa replied, "my girlfriends are coming too and so is Dewayne. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good with Dewayne, but excuse me for a second."

I went up stairs and rubbed my tip. Byron with his shirt off made me horny again. I called Dr. Symone back. "I hope she has good news."

The End

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